7 Killer Tips That Will Help You Realize Your Full Potentials

7 Killer Tips That Will Help You Realize Your Full Potentials
Your potential is limitless. Everything you desire under the heavens is achievable; believe that.
Many people dream of achieving big things, for example, the first man on the moon, and despite many people around them doubting their ability, they thrived in their pursuit. 

But why is it that you and I always fail on the things we set our minds to achieving? Well, because there are many hindrances that block us from realizing our full potential. In this article, we will look at seven of these hindrances and how to overcome them.

• Quitting prematurely

This will sound like a tired cliché but believe me; Rome wasn’t built in a day. Realizing your full potential means pushing yourself to the limit- sometimes beyond your human limits- until whatever you put your mind to is achieved. Of course, quitting is easier than persistence, particularly with too many naysayers at every corner of the way. 
Sometimes you will suffer setbacks that are too painful to fathom and too deep to recover from, but if you are to succeed, the last thing you should do is quit. 

• Losing sight of the endgame

When you set your endgame, you need to focus entirely on it. Don’t let everyday distractions deter your vision. Always ensure that the bigger picture is at the top of your mind so that every small step you make, it points towards its direction. 
Sometimes you will need to make sacrifices in order to get to the bigger picture but believe me; it is worth it. If necessary, take pieces of advice from a life coach to help you remain on the right path for achieving results faster. w

• Lack of proper planning

If you are living life without a plan, then you will easily be disrupted. People around you will be taking advantage of you left right and center if you don’t show them how committed you are to your course. If you have a 5-year project, for example, you need to plan on what you will be doing every day, week, month, and year in order to reach somewhere. 

Create a checklist and use it as a guide on what to do every day. And while at it, remember that the key to accomplishing many tasks is incorporating your free time in your schedule no matter how tight it could be. Don’t miss dinner with your family or your morning gym sessions just to work. Plan well for a good work-life balance.

• Limiting thyself to ordinary things

Your potential is limitless and so are your opportunities. As such, you need to start seeing both ordinary and extraordinary opportunities. You need to develop a thick skin to handle all ordinary and extraordinary challenges that life throws your way. 
Remember that all the great innovations you see around were once seen as some extraordinary, probably impossible, goals. Whatever you are visualizing in your mind, no matter how huge, is realizable if you work towards that. Remember that if you keep doing what you do best will limit your chances of realizing your full potential.

• Negativity

Sometimes your enemy is within you. If you only entertain negative thoughts in your mind, then you will never move forward. You need to always cultivate a positive and optimistic attitude in order to reach your full potential. Tell yourself that it is possible even when everything points to the impossibilities. 
If you have any friends who ooze negativity, cut them lose before they intoxicate you with their negative attitude. The bottom line: You are your own cheerleader, motivator, and reinforcement. Believe in your ability and cheer yourself on.

• Time wastage

Cut loose everything that doesn’t add value to your life in order to save time. If you have too many pets, donate some of them out. 
If you are hosting your jobless relative at your home, ask them to leave if they are causing unnecessary noise. And if you are using too much social media to the point of sleeping less than 6 hours, delete those accounts ASAP.

• Undue pressure 

Pushing your limit must not be mistaken for pressurizing yourself. Always do enough but don’t overdo it to the point of losing your peace. Take time to smell the flowers and appreciate the great things and people around you.

Bottom line

Realizing your fullest potential is definitely not a child’s play. If you can’t do it on your own, don’t hate yourself for it. Just find a good life coach and ask him or her to advise you accordingly.
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