Vaginal Waxing: The Terrible Effects No One Will Tell You About

For those of us who do not know what Vaginal waxing is, here is a quick run down of the topic.

Vaginal waxing also known as Bikni waxing (because it is mostly done by females who wear bikinis a lot), it is use of special sticky waxes either hot or cold as a method of removing pubic hairs from the Vaginal area. The wax is applied as a cream in liquid form, it quickly solidifies, thus sticking to the pubic hairs, and then it is carefully but quickly scraped out taking the pubic hairs with it.
This process is done continously till there is no single hair strand is left.

This process has been described as one of the most effecient methods of pubic hair removal both in males and females, but sometimes and for some individuals it comes at a terrible price. 
They include:

Redness and Inflammation

This usually occurs for individuals with thick hair and sensitive skin. After waxing, the skin usually becomes very red and sore. It sometimes itches and has a burning sensation.
Aloe-based gel moisturizers can be used to calm the skin. 
Wearing loose or comfortable clothes on the afflicted area also helps to subside it, as friction will only further irritate an already aggravated patch of skin.


This is one of the most common side effects of vaginal waxing. Pimples and bumps. Unfortunately, there's a chance this will happen even if you go to the best technician and you're not prone to acne and pimples. 
Don't apply moisturizer if pimples develop in an attempt to make them go away. In fact, you want to avoid the area becoming particularly moist—that's when bacteria spreads the most easily, and it can make your situation way worse.

Burns and Blisters

While a qualified professional should know how to keep wax hot enough to work without hurting the skin, burns do happen regularly. Especially when the individual is using any antiaging or acne creams that may contain a retinoid (vitamin A derivatives retinol, retinyl palmitate, tretinoin, adapalene, tazarotene). Their skin will be extra susceptible to getting burned and peeled off by waxing since those creams loosen the attachment of skin cells and cause increased exfoliation." Blisters can also occur as a result of this.

Removed Skin

Just like burns, this is also caused by hot waxes. The skin comes off during or after waxing procedures.
If the heat of the wax isn't the issue (and it probably is,) something else is to blame. Consider if there could possibly be an interaction with any medication you're taking, a skincare product you're using, or if the reaction could be associated with a medical condition. It's important to know when you need to take extra precaution, and if you might need to avoid waxing in a certain zone or find a new hair removal method.


Removing the hair, especially in the Brazilian waxing fashion, where the hairs are removed from the gluteal cleft areas, increases the risk not only of STIs but of 'self-TI's. Pulling the hairs out of those areas increases the risk that tiny skin tears will get bacteria in them that was never meant to be inside the skin. It can cause surface infections and even deeper cellulitis in some cases." The skin infection impetigo is a common issue.

Change In Skin Color

This also one of the most common side effects of vaginal waxing. The skin color changes or adopts a lighter or darker shade. The skin change may come in small patches and dots. But it will definitely be noticeable.

So there you have it, the most common side effects of  Bikini waxing most people won't want you to know about. 
Do leave a comment about your views on vaginal waxing and it's side effects.

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