Most Affordable Glo Data Bundles And Their Subscription Codes

Most Affordable Glo Data Bundles And Their Subscription Codes
The Globacom is one of the most popular telecommunication service providers in the country, and they have a wide range of data plans and packages.
The Glo data bundles are also some of the cheapest among their competitors, maybe that's why people are still rushing them.

Some of the Glo data bundles with their prices include:

• ₦100 for 100MB off-campus and 225MB on-campus

Validity is 2 days

• ₦200 for 200MB off-campus and 450MB on campus

Validity is 4 days

• ₦500 for 500MB off-campus and 1.12GB on-campus

Validity is 7 days

• ₦1000 for 1GB off-campus and 2.25GB on-campus

Validity is 15 days

• ₦2000 for 2GB off-campus and 4.5GB on-campus

Validity is 30 days

• ₦5000 for 5GB off-campus and 11.2GB on-campus

Validity is 30 days
If you want to subscribe to any of these data packages, dial *777#.

Also, if you want to check your data balance on Glo, dial *777#, choose your current subscription plan > select 'Manage data' > then 'data balance' and wait for a reply message from the network. 
Alternatively, you can check your balance via USSD by dialing *127*0#.

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