Tech News | Tecno Releases A New Phantom 9 Wrapped In Aurora-Inspired Beauty

Techno Releases A New Phantom 9 Wrapped In Aurora-Inspired Beauty
As with the previous releases from the Chinese based top Android phones manufacturers, the Phantom 9 will surely be something to write home about.
From the 'leaked' photos, the design of this new device is out-of-this-world, and it's beauty is actually something else. The stunning aurora lights appearing as showers of colors in the Northern and Southern hemispheres of our planet inspired the design of this new device.

According to our source, the new device will come in different shades of colors ranging from black, blue and even red.
Talking about the camera, we all know what the previous devices came with, and we can expect something much more powerful than the Phantom 8's dual cam, probably looking up to an AI Triple Camera. It's processor will also be well equipped to carry out huge tasks with out any lags, while the screen will stand out from the predecessors.

The device was reportedly crafted by a French design team, based in Paris and we know how good these people are.
Let's call it a halt from here, the Techno Phantom 9 is expected to be launched on the 4th of July.
I know y'all are anticipating it's arrival, and even I can't wait. 
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