7 Amazing Tips For Rapidly Rising Brain Disorders

7 Amazing Tips For Rapidly Rising Brain Disorders
Human brain is the most sensitive and critical organ of human body.
Each and every sensational activity, breathing & blood pressure controlling is managed by human brain. Still now researchers are unable to understand the entire phenomenon behavior of human brain.

The human brain is the most complicated and largest organ of human anatomy to be understood. There are too many nerve cells that are working in brain that carry informative signals for communication process. 
However, according to a research it is stated that human brain consists of more than 100 billion neurons that work in an interactive nature and make connection to other nerve cells for giving signals to other organs and generate trillions of connection for communication to other organs which are called as synapses. Any single neuron can perform 1000 of connections and that connection are known as synapses and it count is too high.
But now days there are too many cases registered in many hospitals related brain disorders and some of them are unknown to their arising causes. The major reason behind unknown factors of growing brain diseases is due to its quite complex structure and unhealthy life style of peoples.

Major Reasons

There are too many diseases of brain whose causes are still under research for many neuroscientists because of its complexity. 
However in current scenarios rising cases of brain disorders are associated with the following main factors:
• Anxiety
• Depression 
• Polluted air exposure
• Steroid abusing to bodies
• Excess alcohol intake & smoking
• Insomnia
• Uncontrolled diabetes 2
• Obese
Most of the brain disorders are due to the above listed factors. Most harmful is continuous exposure to artificial growth hormones to body for better physiques. These artificial insemination of steroids cause permanent disorders in human brain and most common is brain hemorrhage in early ages of life. 
Artificial growth hormones are directly injected to the blood stream which boosts estrogen level in the body at targeted area and hence nervous system behavior is changed which abrupt the behavior of neurons.

Since neuron is most important aspect of brain anatomy and hence its dis-functioning sometimes causes permanent memory losses. Many people research for write my essay for me for studying causes of brain disorders. Not in India, but also in many developed countries like USA, Canada, Britain have registered many cases of brain diseases in last 5 years. 
Poor sleeping patterns lead to many brain problems because in this case sometimes permanent loss of brain cell occurs. Our brain repairs its nerve cells on regular basis which are called as neurons and insomnia causes permanent disruption of that cells and hence arising various serious health issues.

How to cure these disorders?

There are many brain disorders which could never be cured. But some of them can be cured easily by adapting a healthy life style and balanced diet too. 

For example, by adding omega 3 rich foods in your diet, many of health issues related to brain can be cured. You have to eat fresh foods with addition to healthy oils in your meal and low in saturated fats. If you are suffering from diabetes 2 then it can be controlled by following proper treatment guidelines under the proper super vision of doctors. Left your excess alcohol consumption and quit smoking. 
According to a study, neuroscientists state that if you avoid overthinking and participate in various social activities like gaming, dancing, art creations, playing musical instruments that needs brain attention, some disorders of the brain can be prevented like depression, insomnia and anxiety. Engage yourself as much as you can in social events and use smart platforms like online assignment help for solving your any kind of queries.

Environmental Factors Associated 

Due to bad weather conditions some people feel disturbed many times and the reason behind that is, polluted air and long traffic jams in summers, which generate continuous carbon mono-oxide through AC’s of cars to the atmosphere and this contains toxic element which are inhaled in our body through respiration process and disturbs the functioning of the brain. 
Carbon mono-oxide is a poisonous gas and continuous exposure to this gas sometimes lead to death. The metropolitan states like Delhi, Mumbai, Kanpur city of Uttar Pradesh is highly polluted. Air quality in these states is very poor which leads to serious health hazards.

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