How To Import Maildir To Thunderbird

How To Import Maildir To Thunderbird
Using more than one email account has become common between the internet user.
The desktop-based Email Client application is used by millions of internet users to handle their email accounts. Some famous email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and more professional clients based on the desktop. 
However, when you need to move your email copy to other email clients, there are many conditions to be considered. Many clients use different email formats to store different email messages. Therefore, this process is not a simple one to transfer messages from one account to another. One of email storage format is Maildir that is used by popular email client applications.

Maildir email format is the best way to store the email messages in which each message is kept with a unique name in a separate file and in which each folder is a directory. File locking such as the addition of messages, messages forwarded and deletion of messages is handled by the local file system.

Benefits of Maildir

● It includes nested folders.
● It is having less chance of mailbox corruption by the delivery agent and in this competition takes place on the mail folder for a lock.
● It is more efficient.
● It provides faster email storage and retrieval.
● It is having less overhead on backups and restores.
● Backups are easier and shorter because only emails that have changed since the last backup are reduced in the amount of data to be backed up.
● Scanning emails in individual files is easier for anti-virus, and infected mails can be removed without losing all the other mails in the folder, as is often the case with anti-virus software that can not handle multiple emails in one file today.

If you want to move to another email program later and still access your old emails, this can be a disadvantage. However, if you pick MailDir, processing old mails in Mbox format is no issue. Just submit the documents to the MailDir folder or transfer them.

First of all, let's consider a real situation when users want to import Maildir to Thunderbird. A user can switch from Maildir format for several purposes. It can be anything like switching jobs, swapping email clients, or sending other significant messages, etc. 
These are the few reasons a user needs to import Maildir to Thunderbird:
1. Users want to access old Maildir Emails to Thunderbird on Linux Operating System.
2. Users want to import emails from Maildir Mailbox to Thunderbird Client.
3. Users want to  Migrate Maildir cur directory Emails into Thunderbird.
4. Users want to import Windows Maildir files to Thunderbird for Mac Client.


Thunderbird is a newsgroup, email, media feed, and chat (XMPP, IRC, Twitter) client.

1. Message management 

Thunderbird can handle various accounts from emails, newsgroups, and news feeds and promotes various accounts identities. Features like fast search, saved search folders ("virtual folders"), sophisticated filtering of emails, a grouping of messages and labels assist to handle and locate emails.

2. Junk Filtering

Thunderbird includes a Bayesian spam filter, a whitelist based on the address book and can also understand server-based filter classifications such as SpamAssassin.

3. Extensions and themes

Extensions enable characteristics to be added by installing XPInstall modules (known as "XPI" or "zippy" installation) through the add-ons page, which also features an update feature to update the extensions.

4. Standards support

● POP is a basic email retrieval protocol.
● IMAP - Thunderbird adding their extensions and the de facto standards by Google and Apple.
● LDAP is for address completion.
● S/MIME is to provide email encryption and signing X.509 keys that are provided by a centralized certificate authority.
● OpenPGP is supported through extensions such as Enigmail.

5. File format supported

It uses plugins for mailbox support format. The mailbox formats supported in July 2014 are:
mbox – Unix mailbox format. 
maildir – known as Maildir-lite. 

Because of the disadvantages of Maildir, we need to migrate it to the thunderbird. To solve this, we need to have a professional technique for importing Maildir to Thunderbird. Unlikely, there is no manual way of directly exporting Maildir to Thunderbird. Therefore we have a professional solution for this i.e by Maildir Converter.

The software is created without failure with advanced migration methods. 

Features of Maildir Converter

● It migrates all your Maildir++/ Maildir data whether it’s a single file or multiple files.
● With this software, users can easily delete or remove duplicate emails from their data.
●  This software can run and supports all later and latest versions of the Windows Operating System.


In this article, we have discussed here the disadvantage of the Maildir and why we need to convert it into a thunderbird. And after this, we have given a professional solution for migration. I assure you that you will find a better solution by the use of this software.
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