What Is The Easiest Way To Send Money To Nigeria? You Need To Read This Now

What Is The Easiest Way To Send Money To Nigeria? You Need To Read This Now
For more than 5 decades now, WesternUnion, MoneyGram and other popular ways of sending money from a country to another have dominated the industry.
These ones are not so cheap, and you have to go to a bank or physical agent to get your money. Subsequently, there are pother alternatives which have their own disadvantages.

Alternatives such as:

• PayPal: Much like a social network for transferring real money, PayPal was founded nearly two decades ago and has been one of the most popular.
However, Nigerians and so many other countries aren't allowed to use it, so this is off.
(PS: If you're a Nigerian and want to learn how you can comfortable use PayPal in the country, click HERE)
Payoneer: Payoneer came up to replace PayPal, and would even give you a free credit card (you pay around $30 a year for maintenance) to withdraw anywhere in the world.
Their charges are sadly expensive and they have limits, like a withdrawal limit of $1,000 and transfer limit of $200. Maybe they're trying to force you into getting a card.
Skrill: Skrill is also very fast, and much like PayPal, however it isn't so popular and you would hardly sell the funds off (if you want to).
For someone to send money to you via Skrill, they too need to have an account just like the other alternatives.
Payza: Payza is also another payment gateway, but I can't remember hearing someone use it. I have an account, but it's not so popular among Nigerians and I don't know if you can withdraw from the account to your Nigerian bank account directly.

All the above alternatives have their pros and cons, from outrageous transfer charges to permanent limitations.
Even the Western Union we were enjoying has now began to turn sour, as their are some reports of inability to transfer money from the United States to Nigeria because of the recent fraud issues associated with our citizens.
...but is everyone a criminal? There are tons of us who earn decent money online and are looking for the most effective way to move them to Nigeria, and this article is all about that!

The Cheapest Way To Transfer Money From Another Country To A Nigerian Bank Account

There are so many ways of sending your money from another country to Nigeria - Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal, PayZa, Skrill, Payoneer, iTunes Card, Amazon Card, Prepaid Cards, etc.
All have their pros and cons, and you can go for any of your choice.
I however recently discovered this way of sending money and it works perfectly fine. It is via Transferwise.

What Is Transferwise And How Does It Work?

Transferwise is one of the most popular ways of sending money from your any country to your Nigerian bank account. The money arrives in minutes and they charge very low, I think around $4 or so depending on what you're transferring.
You can use it to pay and get paid, and the money goes to the receivers local bank account. Also, you can pay via your own bank account, a credit card or from the other wide range of options there.

What do you think? For me, I'm moving my things from Western Union...Lol! You don't even need to go to a bank or meet any agent, everything can be done from the comfort of your bedroom with internet access.
To sign-up, visit their official website Transferwise.com (they have a £500 bonus for new users now which I think you should benefit from).
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