How Kitchen Design Has Evolved

How Kitchen Design Has Evolved
Your home is a part of your identity and can affect your life in many ways. Surroundings make up a huge part of your mood.
The interior design of a home is an important but overlooked aspect of a home. These days a room is designed or made not only to fulfil its utility aspect but to also make it look presentable and aesthetic. With the growing cost of living, the standard of living of people has also increased. 

The kitchen is the part of your house where you cook and store food stuffs. For a long time, it was kept this way but at present it has become a statement piece and is even used to host guests and have food in. 
The role of a kitchen has slowly evolved into something else. Modern kitchen gadgets have brought a revolution in the kitchen. There are sites like Kitchen Homelet that give honest reviews of different modern kitchen gadgets.

The Evolution

For a long time, the kitchen of a home was an overlooked aspect of the house and attention used to be given only to equipment and certain utilities but now that has completely changed the kitchen design of a house has also completely changed. Latest Kitchen design ideas are now an important part of the interior design of the overall home.
How Kitchen Design Has Evolved
Kitchens were a room that was tucked away in the corner of a house but off late emphasis on kitchens have grown and more attention is being given to the way it looks and works.
Here are some noteworthy changes to the kitchen design over the years-

• Emergence Of Modular Kitchens

A modular kitchen is a term used to refer to a modern kitchen layout, it is made up of a number of kitchen cabinets that can hold various items. It consists of two sections which are namely the floor section and the wall section. The floor sections have cabinets attached to the floor and the wall section has cabinets attached to the wall. Modular kitchens help in saving space and also time. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes which can help in giving some creativity to your kitchen. These kitchens have a very sleek, clean and trendy look and makes your cooking area look well-defined. It is both easy to assemble and dismantle. The parts can be easily replaced making it easy to repair if needed. Maintaining a modular kitchen is far easier as the materials used are easy to clean, hence one wipe is enough to keep the surfaces dust free. Moreover, they add beauty to your home. Building a kitchen from scratch could prove to be an expensive affair, but that was before modular kitchens. Modular kitchens are built around the idea of “modules”.

• Emergence Of Open Kitchens

An open kitchen is as the name suggests a kitchen that is open and is not bound completely by walls. Before the kitchen used to be a room that was covered but now due to the emergence of chimneys the kitchen can now be open so that the odour or smell of food cooking doesn’t spread to the rest of this house. This concept is very trendy and aesthetic. It is a great area to socialise with guests and may even have a table and chairs in the kitchen or on the side to eat food. It comes in various designs.

• Emergence Of Inbuilt Appliances

Before standing appliances where more prevalent but now due to lack of space and rising cost the appliances have evolved to be more compact and are inbuilt into the kitchen. This allows easy access and use for the user and also saves up on space. Inbuilt appliances take up lesser space and are more desirable these days due to its easy of use and convenience.

• More Decorative And Colourful

Kitchen design has gradually evolved to become more decorative as people are increasingly using it as a platform to showcase their expensive plates or china in LED lit cabinets or by adding flowers and decorative tiles. The kitchen cabinets have also evolved to become brighter and more vibrant with various colours and paints being used to make it look more attractive to the eye.

• Location Of Kitchens

Before kitchens used to be located in the back of the house but recently it has moved to the front and as become more accessible to guests and residents of the house. Kitchen design has also changed due to this and is now more comfortable and welcoming to any guests or outsiders. It also takes into account factors like sunlight to ensure that it looks welcoming and comforting.

This article talks about the evolution of kitchen design. Kitchens are now social places where people and guests are invited into the kitchen to chat and have drinks, before such a thing did not exist. Due to the change in our lifestyle and our kitchen appliances the kitchen itself has also changed.
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