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Add A Payment Gateway To Website And Increase Your Revenue
Africa has been lucky enough to receive the services of Jenga API for the last several years, helping them in the efficient running of the business.
We have seen it ourselves that how the fortune of businesses changes after they add payment gateway to their website. And seeing the good results there is a number of businesses which come to Jenga in order to find an API integration specialist.
While the fundamental of Payment Gateway and API integration seems a little difficult but in reality, it is a much-needed task for a business to earn greater revenues and also providing customers with super convenient solutions. The businesses like fitness management software or school management platform software could also add payment gateway to website providing recurring billing system.

These Businesses Add Payment Gateway to Website and Get Huge Revenue Boost

1) Providing a more complete and customers retention solution

Businesses work hard every day in meeting the needs of the customers and this is not dependents on whether you integrate online payment into the website. More often the list of new and different things in the future can be tiring and dangerous. 
Businesses should rather see and search the features which need fewer efforts and are in high demand by customers which increases both customer retention and business revenue. So one or the other way you will have a win-win situation for your business.
Use of credit card API integration provides your businesses to be better than all their competitors in the industry. These things also help the business in attracting more customers and also retaining existing clients. Software like custom API integration comes more than handy while integrating it to your website.

2) Earning Through Incremental Revenue Stream

Every business owner has one thing in mind earning more and more revenues. One major benefit of having custom API integration for your business is getting an additional revenue stream through revenue sharing.
There is one thing which you should know is  this function of all revenue system is not offered by all payment API providers. The API provider which provides revenue sharing allows the businesses to earn money from the various transactions and it is done when customers pay through the API integration Payment Gateway.
These revenues are similar to the types of fees which software company pays for accepting credit cards. But in this case, they are on the receiving end of the fees paid.

3) Enabling customers to be PCI compliant:

The incidents of highly publicized data breaches of some of the most known companies around the world have made all the API integration providers to be PCI compliant and maintaining the data security a priority.
Even small businesses don’t want their customer’s data to be in danger of any kind of threats. But many of the business owners are not aware of where to start. Companies like Jenga API provides businesses with PCI compliant payment integration and thus providing invaluable features which act as a big value-adding for the business product offerings.

The Other Benefits of Adding Payment Gateway To Business Are:

Free and Fast Setup: Saves time in integrating the payment gateway through your website and instead focuses on taking your business to the next level. Setup and going live through Jenga payment gateway is simple and fast.
Experience of Test Mode: It is always good if you get to try the payment gateway before you buy it. Many of the API integration providers give you a free trial for your business.
Easy Integration and Working: Payment Gateways are not that hard to work along and many of them come along with instructions videos. The working is also fully automated which means you don’t have to try much.
Advanced Options: The dashboard of this payment gateway comes along with all the recent necessary updates. There are many payment gateway providers which also provide businesses with shopping cart plug-in availability. This would definitely help you in keeping a perfect eye on your business from anywhere and anytime.
One of the major aspects to add payment gateway to website is letting the businesses both small and large scale exposed to new innovations and technology which would definitely help their future growth and greater revenues. These payment gateways can prove a real game-changer for all these businesses and companies for short as well as long run. Africa is accepting innovations day by day and the day is not very far when almost all the businesses would use payment gateway for their websites and businesses.

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