Tourmaline - the most indispensable jewellery for a woman's life

Tourmaline - the most indispensable jewellery for a woman's life
Cixi, the most powerful woman in Chinese history, told the world with her colourful funeral objects:
"If a woman can only have one piece of jewellery in her life, then she must be a tourmaline." Not only Cixi, Miss Chanel, French fashion industry leader Antony - Mrs. De Allio has commented on the tourmaline. 
Indeed, the tourmaline, natural beautiful and colourful, known as the "king of colour", "colour treasure supreme." Different from ordinary cheap engraved bracelets, in addition to its eye-catching ornamental value, tourmaline has a unique effect on women's beauty because of its special electrical bisexuality. In the eyes of traditional Chinese Taoists, tourmaline has a more balanced effect on the five elements and transfer the husband's luck. Therefore, tourmaline, it is undoubtedly an indispensable eternal treasure in a woman's life.

Rainbow tourmaline bead chain - the love of urban white-collar beauty

The rainbow tourmaline bead chain is one of the most popular birch infinity necklace in the last two years. Because of its dreamy and beautiful colourful transition colour, it is sought after by the urban white-collar beauty. The so-called rainbow bead chain refers to the beetle beaded according to the rainbow-like colour from shallow to deep in a circle or more, and then worn on the right hand or neck. Urban white-collar workers wearing rainbow bead chain in addition to value their very dazzling jewellery function, but also because of tourmaline's tourmaline characteristics can absorb three major radiation (computer, television, mobile phone) and is particularly favoured.

The rainbow tourmaline bead chain is divided into red, green and blue according to the amount of red and green. Red Rainbow cheap personalized bracelets is good at being lucky in love, suitable for single aristocratic transshipment; green rainbow tourmaline suitable for married young women, which help husband and son lucky. Blue rainbow tourmaline is suitable for urban woman which help their career, can strengthen communication and coordination skills, help you step by step!

Candy Tourmaline Beads - The Sweetness of Happy Little Women

If the rainbow bead chain is a city beauty with a heavy makeup, then the candy bead chain is a cute woman who is at home. Compared to the rainbow bead chain, the colour of the candy tourmaline bead is more lively and vivid. It can be red or green, blue or purple, as if the candy in the candy jar of childhood is as bright and moving. At the same time, the universal population of candy bead chains is more extensive, and can be worn by men, women and children.

For the pregnant mother group, the candy tourmaline bead has a variety of trace minerals due to its human colour, special magnetic field energy of tourmaline. It can regulate multiple moods such as adjusting mood during pregnancy, reducing electromagnetic radiation, releasing negative ions and improving sleep quality. Therefore, the candy tourmaline name bracelet, as the most intimate gift for pregnant mothers, as the most sincere wishes of the prospective father to the mother, as the ardent care of the elders for the next generation, has gradually become the most worthy jewellery treasures for the girl to become a bride.

Featured tourmaline jewellery - the new favourite of collection appreciation
When it comes to the characteristics of tourmaline jewellery, you have to mention the watermelon tourmaline. According to the history, there is a pillow made of watermelon tourmaline in the funeral of the Empress Dowager Cixi. It was worth 750,000 silver.

The so-called watermelon tourmaline, refers to the multi-colour tourmaline, red-green, blue-green, blue-red, or red, blue and green, etc. are called watermelon. Especially refers to the red and green bi-colour tourmaline, especially the green tourmaline in the outer green inside red is especially precious. It is said that watermelon tourmaline can stimulate imagination and creativity, and has the power to gather wealth. It can open up people's minds and horizons, make people calm, focus, clear, and help sleep calm.

Today's watermelontourmaline in the market are mostly pendants, ornaments, as well as ring faces, and a small number of beads. As long as the quality and colour is good, its collection value and appreciation space are extremely large. According to relevant surveys, from 2010 to the beginning of 2013, the price of watermelon tourmaline has generally increased by 8-15 times. Therefore, watermelon tourmaline has become a collection of more and more mature women's jewelry boxes.

In addition, the characteristic tourmaline also refers to some very rare monochrome tourmaline bead chains. For example, rose red tourmaline my necklace, bracelet, pure green tourmaline necklace bracelet and so on. The monochromatic tourmaline bead chain is as rare as the watermelon tourmaline in the market. Therefore, the collection value is also extremely high.

The market value of tourmaline is increasing, and the types of tourmaline fraud are becoming more and more common. Commonly used in the market today are fake tourmalines with watermelon chalcedony and popcorn crystals, white crystal stains and other fake tourmalines. The main point of identification is that the colour of the tourmaline is bright, but the colour is very natural and uniform, and it will not be like a popcorn crystal. The colour inside the crack inside the bead will be particularly dark. The main point of identifying watermelon tourmaline and watermelon chalcedony is to see if the colour boundary is clear, the colour boundary of the two-colour tourmaline is very distinct, and the watermelon chalcedony has no clear colour boundary.
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