How To Make ₦50,000+ Monthly Buying And Reselling Airtime On Jumia

How To Make ₦50,000+ Monthly Buying And Reselling Airtime On Jumia
Making money nowadays is very easy, and much easier when you do it the internet way.
I recently found out a trick, and we can actually make a lot of money off it before the promos come to an end.
Surprising enough, it's 100% free to join, and all you need is a mobile phone.
Grab a little cup of tea and sip carefully, I'll keep the post as short as minimum.

How To Make Money From Jumia As An Airtime Seller

Prior to now, to sell airtime, you'll need to have a printing machine, as well as purchase a number of licences, then you pay for the airtime itself.
When people do not buy until sometime, it expires and the loss is on your head. You can also purchase Glo airtime in an MTN dominated region, and possibly getting Glo network would be difficult and selling the airtime off will be difficult.

Well, I was talking about prior to now! The things are no more the same. Top Nigerian ecommerce platform, Jumia recently dropped their all brand new Jumia One App, and are giving 'mad' discounts for all airtime purchases.
Now you can purchase airtime at the same price with resellers, and also use coupon codes to save up to 10% of all your purchases.
What do I mean? You can purchase a ₦5,000 airtime for all networks at ₦4,500, saving the remaining ₦500 for your self!
Which airtime vendor would give you access to such discount? Aside that, you do not have to suffer any losses, as the airtime would be purchased on demand, and you won't have to purchase any xtra pins or stuff.

How To Join The Program

Joining the program is 100% free.
All you need to do is:
• Download the Jumia One App to your mobile phone. 
• Verify your email and phone number, then make a first purchase to activate your account.
You can purchase anything as little as ₦50. You'll get the card to your phone in seconds.

That's all! Whenever you want to sell airtime to your customers, use the coupon code MOBILE5.
They'll give you the cashback and you can use it to purchase anything you like from the store.
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