The Surviving LGBT In A Homophobic Africa! What‘s The Way Forward?

The Surviving LGBT In A Homophobic Africa! What‘s The Way Forward?
Having being born by gospel minister parents, Ryan has heard his parents several times make homophobic comments.
He had had them say things like those people didn't deserve to be in our own part of the world, and how they couldn't wait for the rapture to happen so they'd be tormented by the Antichrist and eventually burn in hell.
It was fun you know, and at times he joined the discussions while they made fun out of other people, and the whole stuff was cool. He continued life, finished secondary school, and eventually got admitted into the campus.

While in his second year, he got a best friend, a guy. They were so close that people thought they were brothers, or maybe anything closer.
Ate together, played together, were in the same department and eventually, the same lodge.
However, this wasn't all! There was a part of Ryan's mind that beat faster whenever Henry was around him.
You know that feeling? He was in LOV... stop it!
'Don't you know he's same gender with you?' Ryan cautioned himself.

The crush however became stronger day by day, and he eventually had to pour it out.
Henry posted a photo on his WhatsApp status, and Ryan after starring at it for close to three minutes, replied, 'I think I'm in love with you Henry. I know this is weird, but I just have to say it. XXX.'
He didn't even know the meaning of the triple Xs, but just had to add it. It was always present in the love stories he's read.
The message was marked seen, and he didn't get a reply until evening, and it came with a bang!
'I don't do boys bro, moreover you know I've got a girlfriend!'
Confused, regretting, wishing he could take back the hands of the clock, Ryan apologised and you know, Henry said they were both cool and they next day, kept on acting like nothing happened.

'This guy is such a sweetheart!' Ryan was thinking out loud. 'How could he be so cool with me, someone else would have screenshot my chat to go chase clout!'
What would he do now? His secret was out, and it would take only one more mouth to get it to the rest of the world, and you know how hostile Africans could be to people like Ryan?
In some countries, they're stoned to death. I mean well-developed countries like South Africa, and even developing Kenya.

What is the way forward?

Someone said, 'the only way forward is to keep it inward!' 
Lol... when it's inward you only went backward, and we're looking for a way forward. Maybe the person was right, because a forward move could actually come with suicidal consequences, and if you're strong enough to damn them, then it's time to take off the masks.
Not everyone will be able to move to Canada or the United States, so you just have to keep calm and watch the country, where you might earn yourself 14 years behind the bar if convicted.

Or do you know a better way forward? You can drop them as comments and don't forget to share to your friends.
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