How I Made ₦96,000+ In Two Weeks From Piggyvest (With Photos)

How I Made ₦96,000+ In Two Weeks From Piggyvest (With Photos)
PiggyVest (formerly piggybank.ng) is a secure online savings platform that makes saving possible by combining discipline plus flexibility to make you grow your savings.
It is the largest online savings & investing platform in Nigeria and help Nigerians save billions of Naira monthly.
As a student, entrepreneur, employed or self employed individual, you can easily create an account on PiggyVest, choose your choice amount and it'd be automatically withdrawn from your account.
In my case, I save ₦10,000 weekly and they collect the money from my account every Monday.
The platform is currently having a 'mad' promotion, and so giving away ₦2,000 for any new user who you refer to them.
Amazing right? I'll show you exactly how the stuff works.

How To Make Money From The Piggyvest Referral Program

Making money from Piggyvest is so easy, as easy as scratching your recharge PIN and loading your phone.
Here's how it works:
• You have to be referred by someone, because the bonus is for ONLY referrals. If you want to join, use my own link and then people you tell about it will use yours.
• Immediately after signing up, you'd be required to do some things, in my case I only did two. This is to show your account is legit, and block people from creating multiple accounts thereby abusing the platform.
If you need help with that, you can contact me to help you out.
• Fill in your details and verify your email, if required.

That's all! You'd see your ₦1,000 in your account and can withdraw it immediately.

Here's a screenshot of my own earnings, I have referred nearly a hundred people.
How I Made ₦96,000+ In Two Weeks From Piggyvest (With Photos)
After joining, go to your profile area, copy your affiliate link and use it to talk to your friends.
Remember to save with them, that is the major reason for the platform. You'll also earn interests on any money you bank with Piggyvest, and they're 100% secured, with payments processed by Paystack and money stored by UBA.
A penny saved is a penny earned!

Save with the bank that pays you to refer people today, and have enough spare cash for your holidays.
Visit Piggyvest.com to signup and enjoy the benefits.
If you encounter any issues or need help, kindly drop them as comments and I'd be sure to reply.
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