Five Quick Tips Regarding Bridging VISA A Subclass 010

Five Quick Tips Regarding Bridging VISA A Subclass 010
Bridging VISA 010 is a temporary VISA. This VISA allows the applicant to stay in Australia when the current substantive VISA ends.
While the application of the substantive VISA is being processed, applicants can use subclass 010 to a stay in Australia. This VISA subclass 010 also granted, When the applicant already holds a substantive VISA or applied for a substantive VISA.  

Purpose of the VISA subclass 010

The primary purpose of the bridging VISA are mentioned below:
• With this VISA subclass 010 in Australia, the applicant can stay lawfully. Until the processing of a substantive VISA application is granted in the judicial proceeding, the applicant remains legally with this VISA. 
This Bridging VISA A will ceases immediately: 
• If the applicant leaves Australia permanently.
• If the applicant’s substantive VISA granted.
• When the applicant granted for another bridging VISA (like bridging VISA B).

Essential tips for the bridging VISA subclass 010

Effect of the VISA subclass 010
• If the substantive VISA of the applicant ended, and the Bridging permissionis granted, it is more advantageous for the applicant.
• It is a must for the VISA holder person to observe all the conditions which are imposed on the VISA.
• If the applicant granted for the Bridging VISA subclass 010, the conditions of the VISA will be notified.
• The conditions of the subclass 010 will be followed when the substantive VISA is ended.
• This  Bridging VISA 010 is not allowed to return to Australia.

Working in Australia

In this bridging, a subclass 010 allowed to the VISA applicant to work in Australia. The permission for the work depends on the VISA conditions. All the requirements are mentioned in the grant letter. If the applicant wants to work, they can apply another bridging VISA which is allowed to the applicant for work. Always the applicant proves that they have some financial hardship. 
When the applicant claim for work, there circumstances is noticed. If there are no requirements for any job, the applicant eligible for another bridging VISA, this new bridging VISA allows the applicant for employment.

According to the judicial review remaining lawful

If the review of merit tribunal support the applicant decision and refuse substantive VISA application and the applicant applied for the judicial review, the applicant must apply for a bridging VISA to keep maintain the lawful status through proceedings of the judicial review.

- Include family member

The applicant and the family member can apply for the substantive VISA together. The applicant and the family member apply jointly for a bridging VISA. If the applicants include family members in their functional VISA application, they can also include family members unit for an applied bridging VISA. The authority accessed every family member application and decided which bridging VISA will be granted for the family members.

- Travel limitation

Under the VISA subclass 010, if the applicant leaves Australia, they cannot be able to return to Australia. If the applicant wants to travel and return to Australia and the substantive VISA application is under processing, the applicant needs to be granted a bridging VISA before the applicant leaves.

Stay time with bridging a subclass 010

All these things which determine the VISA subclass 010 is ended, mentioned below:
• The applicant cannot stay in Australia by extending their VISA.
• If the applicant wanted to stay longer in Australia, they could apply for a new VISA.

The application process of the bridging a subclass 010
• When the applicant applied for a substantive VISA, automatically applied for a bridging VISA.
• Complete the application form online.
• Submit all the documents which are required for the application.
• Active Australian migration provides access to every application and gives a checklist on the documents. According to the list, the use submits all the materials successfully.
• They can choose that processing centre, Which processing centre more convenient for the applicant.
• When the applicant applied, they must be in Australia.

Processing time of VISA subclass 010

Processing time is not available in the VISA subclass 010. Many times it takes a short time for processing or its sometimes take a long time
There are some reason  if the application takes a more protracted process:
• If the application form fills not correctly.
• The applicant did not include all the documents.
• Sometimes the application takes time for verification.

Cost of the VISA subclass 010

The total cost of the VISA subclass 010 is free. In this application process, there are no charges available. If you also one of those candidate who doesn’t know how to  handle all these migration things then one should consult a immigration agent Adelaide for all VISA related queries as they will make your VISA journey stress-free.


This bridging VISA A subclass 010 allows staying in Australia when the substantive permission of the applicant is under process. If the applicant wanted to keep up a long time, they could enable applying for another bridging VISA. This bridging VISA A subclass 010 digitally link with the applicant's passport, so the permission does not get any label.
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