How To Make ₦150,000+ Monthly As A VtlHub Agent In Nigeria

How To Make ₦150,000+ Monthly As A VtlHub Agent In Nigeria
Making money in Nigeria has become so easy, a million thanks to the internet.
I recently shared a post on how you can begin to get amazing discounts off data purchases in Nigeria, and now I want to show you how you can make money working for them.
For the introduction, VtlHub.com is a website in Nigeria where you can purchase airtime and data with 'mad' discounts, pay your electricity bills, renew your GoTv and DSTv subscriptions as well as do a lot of other things.
There are so many people on your Facebook list who need access to affordable data, and you can make a living for yourself online selling to them. Airtime and data selling businesses are one of the most affordable ways of making a living in Nigeria, and I'd show you how to become a VtlHub agent.

How To Become A VtlHub Agent In Nigeria

Becoming a VtlHub agent in Nigeria is very easy. 
All you need is a mobile phone or laptop, and the rest of the things needed will be provided to you.
• Sign up for the program by visiting VtlHub.com.
• You'll pay a minimum amount of ₦15,000 for your items, of which ₦5,000 will be deducted for the sign up fee and started pack (banner, stickers, pens and the VtlHub operating certificate. The balance will be credited to your wallet and you can now log in to the merchant account.
You can begin to make your money immediately!
• For every electricity, DSTv, GoTv or any other bills payment you make, you'll bill the client an extra ₦100 for service charge.
• You'll get ₦50 out of the service charge, while VtlHub will get ₦50. You'll also earn a 1.5% commission for every transaction you carry out.

Some of the VtlHub services which you can benefit from include:

- Airtime purchases and internet subscriptions
- Cable TV subscription payments - DSTV, GOTV, Startimes and other digital TV Services
- Electricity bills payments, both Prepaid and Postpaid meters
- Purchase of WAEC result checker pins
- Bank deposit for customers and cash withdrawals 

Who Can Be A VtlHub Agent?

Anybody can be a VtlHub merchant agent, whether you have access to internet or not. They can also set up a website for you to help you run the business effectively, if you need one.
If you have a shop, eatery or any other outlet where you can get physical customers, the business is perfect for you!
The customers can also pay on delivery. It's very easy.

Sign up today and stand a chance to benefit from the free gifts including a lot of free conferences, sponsored by VtlHub.com and exclusive to the merchants.


What are some other things you can benefit from being an agent?
Ans: Some of the additional benefits include:
• A free POS
• All expense paid conferences and trainings in different parts of the country
• Certificate of operations
Who owns VtlHub?
Ans: VtlHub is powered by Vistacool Technologies Ltd.

For more information, you can visit their official website or call them on 09035462714.
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