Bayelsa/Kogi Elections: CAGG National Coordinator Attacks INEC For Refusing To Cancel Results

Bayelsa/Kogi Elections: CAGG National Coordinator Attacks INEC For Refusing To Cancel Results
The National Coordinator, Concerned Advocates for Good Governance (CAGG), Barrister Olusegun Bamgbose has described the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as a great disappointment following the conduct of the Kogi and Bayelsa gubernatorial elections.
According to him, incidents of violence, snatching of ballot boxes shooting and killings that characterised the elections were obvious signs to make the electoral umpire cancel the election but they never did, possibly because they were compromised.

In a statement by the senior lawyer on Wednesday, he noted that Nigeria democracy has actually been demonised.

He said, “The Kogi Governorship election outcome is very unfortunate and disturbing. It’s evident from the circumstances surrounding the election that it was marred by malpractices, violence, intimidation and unscrupulous rigging. INEC is really a great disappointment.

30 ad hoc staff were abducted and later released after APC achieved their aims. Woman leader burnt alive, ballot boxes were snatched.

Thuggery everywhere. Police officers were chased away. These are obvious signs to make INEC cancel the election but they never did possibly because they were compromised.

In Nigeria democracy has actually been demonized. This is quite unfortunate. The people have again been shortchanged.

Governor Bello and others who feel they can use their power to suppress the masses should, however, know that the God of the masses will always fight for them.

What happened in Kogi is a clear sign of political rascality. It’s an act of total executive recklessness. How many people in Kogi rejoiced that Governor Bello was returned as Governor.

The SDP candidate, Natasha alleged that the Governor has ordered his assassination. These developments are not good for our democracy.

It’s really disturbing our politicians don’t fear God any more. It’s really disheartening that our leaders are atheists.

If things continue like this, what’s the guarantee that 2023 elections will be free, fair and transparent. INEC is a big disappointment.

They have clearly shown that they don’t have the capacity and capability to organize free and fair elections in Nigeria. I’ll also want to add that President Buhari should look into this electoral recklessness.

He couldn’t have been President today if Jega had accepted to compromise the Presidential elections of 2015.

He is a beneficiary of free and fair election. He contested three times without success alleging he was rigged out but he is now beholding what he alleged.

It’ll then be most unfortunate if he will look the other way in the face of total electoral bastardisation. APC will not continue to be in power forever.

A time will certainly come when they will return to opposition. PDP boasted that they will remain in power as long as they want but what is happening today.

Our INEC as is presently constituted can’t be trusted.

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