Things Should Know If You’re Considering Getting An Accounting Degree

Things Should Know If You’re Considering Getting An Accounting Degree
As a child we all are careless, free and a dreamer. We dream of making a career which would be non like the others.
We plan to become a sport stat, a rap singer and few times even the president of the country. None in their childhood days would consider a career in accounting an option but in real life, it is one.
When you will have to pick a college degree major, you will have to overlook all your favourite subjects and consider something which has distant future. Something just likes the bachelor’s degree in accounting.
You will have thousands of doubt before choosing your college degree major and sometime you will have to opt for something in which you have zero experience. For many, Career in Accounting would be a nightmare but if anyhow you are considering getting an accounting degree you should know few of the things related to it.
Don’t follow the stereotypes, not while choosing the college degree or elsewhere in your life.
Signs Which Tells You Have Scope at Career in Accounting
Here are some of the signs which would help you to know that accounting might be the more likely match than you think it is.

● Your brain is not getting hurt by the numbers

People get confused accounting with hardcore math but the fact is accounting is the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There is a slight possibility that there would use of some entry-level algebra but that’s all. 
You will not need to understand the whole tiring calculus, but yes you will need the mental ability for associating abstract information with real-world quantities like money and other valuables.

● You are an organiser by your heart

If you have a little interest in book reading you will be without any doubt skilled at accounting and the reason behind it is due to design, abstraction and labelling. All of us should remember it from our childhood days that how good were we at categorizing things and this would definitely help in building a career at Accounting.
Organizing in accounting is a bit tough but it’s less of math and more of strategy planning.

● You consider yourself a perfectionist

If you are a person who is not able to rest until everything is perfectly fixed then you would be completely in love with the spreadsheet family. Accounting degree welcomes the perfectionist tendency in you.
However if these all things, counting, obsessing and lining up things in even rows makes you a little crazy then you should probably think against taking accounting as your degree subjects.

Scope Of Career In Accounting

The education of accounting follows a basic hierarchy and each of the different levels of accounting leads to a very specific career path. 
Based on the certification level of yours it will be allowed how big the numbers you deal with and are able to work it through.
Here’s a quick guide to the scope present by getting a bachelor’s degree in accounting:

- Bookkeeper

This job only needs the basic accounting and in most organization you don’t need any degree to do it. The job role of a bookkeeper is to track spending, pays bills, and keeping up with the financial paperwork of the business like invoices and reports.

- Accountant

The most suitable job role after getting a bachelor degree in Accounting is accountant. The preferable degree of an accountant is either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. 
The job role of an accountant consists of generation of financial statements, preparation of tax documents, and conducting audits of the company’s ledgers.


People get confused and think CPA and accountant are same but in fact, they are not. CPA stands for certified public accountant and this certification will require an extra exam apart from your college degree. 
The job role which a CPA person is authorized to are performing the general accounting work as well as preparing tax returns and representing the other taxpayers to the IRS legally.
But you would be glad to know that not only technical accounting fields job but there are a lot of other career options available too after getting a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

So before making a career in accounting, you will need to ask yourself whether you have these characteristics to be an accountant and the zeal to work in the same field for years to come.
Choosing a college won’t be much of a problem as there are lots of colleges offering degree courses in Zambia. 
One such university which provides bachelor’s degree in accounting is the Cavendish University.
If all your doubt related to starting a career in accounting is solved you could check their official website and apply for your desired course.

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