How To Make $5,000+ Per Month From YouTube

How To Make $5,000+ Per Month From YouTube
Everyday you subscribe your data and hop into YouTube, burn them there and jump out.
There are millions of interesting video, and hundreds are posted everyday...Lol! 
If Davido doesn't post a new song, Nollyking will drop a new movie and since you're subscribed, you get notified and won't have any other options than to go watch.

Have you ever imagined making your own money off the video sharing website? I have shared tons of ways to make money from your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and a good number of my readers have returned to tell me that they're are now actually cashing out from the social network.
I have this believe, that if I enjoy something, it should be paying my bills.
For instance, I love writing, why shouldn't I monetise the hobby? Same as Facebook and Twitter, and of course YouTube.

How To Make Money From YouTube

There are so many ways to make money off YouTube, and they all revolve around creating of videos and monetising them.
Some of these include:

• YouTube AdSense

You can make yourself good money online from the YouTube AdSense, and even earn while sleeping.
How does this work?
You create a channel, upload your videos, get people to watch them and when approved for AdSense, get paid monthly by YouTube.

• Selling of your products and services

If you have your own products, whether digital or physical, you can sell them on YouTube and make good money for yourself.
You can also offer different services, and you stand a chance of getting over 100 million people patronise you.

• Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another very lucrative way of making money from your vlog. You refer people to other people's products and services, and can be making as much as $200 per product, depending.
If you sell 10 of such products in a month, you have made yourself cool $2,000. No sweating, no much stress!

• Donations

If you have a good number of loyal subscribers and fans, you can earn from donations. All you need to do is create a GoFundMe or any other donation account, then talk about it in your videos.
Of course you'd need to give people a good reason to donate their money to you.

Requirements For Starting A YouTube Channel

The requirements are not much, but might be expensive especially for a beginner.
Some of them include:

• A computer

It could be a laptop or desktop, as far as the RAM is okay, and it has a pretty good memory.

• Digital camera

You'll need to create videos, so you might be needing this, except you want to go for whiteboard videos.

• Microphone

I got a pretty good headset with microphone for less than $10, and it's serving very well. It'll help you record audios and videos without external noises and interference.

• Whiteboard video software

If you don't want to use a video camera, you might want to purchase a whiteboard video software. Some go for as low as $30 per month, and will serve you very well.

What Are The Hottest Niches For YouTube?

Some of the hottest niches for vloggers include:
• Tech ie phone reviews
• Pets
• Movies and movie reviews
• Cartoons
• Foods
• Making money online
• News etc

Can You Earn Money From YouTube With Your Mobile Phone?

Yes, 100% possible. YouTubing isn't like blogging where you write lots of articles. Most of the software work with PC, but if you can get a good mobile phone, with an amazing camera, you can actually be doing yourself a favour.
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What Will The Tutorial Teach You?

In the tutorial, I taught the exact secret on how I make $500+ weekly creating animations with my Android phone.
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What's more? You can actually make a living for yourself off YouTube. It takes a lot of determination and passion.
If you have any questions or feedback, kindly drop them as comment and don't forget to share to your friends!
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