HELP! My Husband Beats Me Anytime We Have To Have S*x

HELP! My Husband Beats Me Anytime We Have To Have S*x
A Facebook user recently shared a post to a popular group, Rant Hq.
The lady who chose to be anonymous sent the post to the admin of the group, requesting that her identity be kept hidden.

Read post below and help her get a solution;
‘Hello admin, please hide my identity. I am an Anambra State, woman, and currently living in Lagos with my husband who is a trader.
I work as a secretary in a plastic company, while my husband sells electronics and we have two children. We have been married for six years now, but earlier this year, my husband changed.
We used to have the best family, though we quarrelled at times, it was always nothing serious as we would settle among ourselves in less than a day.
Things changed earlier this year, when my husband had a business loss. He was scammed, and I stood by him all through and he is gradually coming back to his ground. He however has become bitter with everyone around, me, the kids, the househelp and everybody else. He rarely goes to church, and would always leave before the dismissal.
I was managing, and hoping that God will take control and return the man I married. It however doesn’t look like this will be happening soon, as he is getting worse.
Last two months, the issue affected our s*x life. We would stay two weeks and at times more, before having s*x, and he’ll always find an excuse to beat me before we begin. It could be anything as simple as serving him dinner late, or letting the rain beat his clothes, even though he knows I would be in my work place.
Please help me; this is getting out of hand. I’m planning to quit the marriage but for the sake of my children.
What do you think I should do? I’m just tired of everything in life’.
What do you think she should do? Kindly drop them as comments and don't forget to share to your friends. 
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