5 Things To Remember Before Running With Your Baby

5 Things To Remember Before Running With Your Baby
A few weeks after having a baby, it is reasonable as well as fundamental for mothers to want to get back in shape.
Mothers who want to start running or go back into running can always bring their baby along in a stroller.
However, the safety of both you and your child shouldn’t be undermined. Hence, before lacing up, it's crucial to remember these five things before running with your baby

1. How Old is Your Baby?

Before bringing your baby along for a jog, make sure your baby can stably support his neck while on the stroller. Babies who can’t hold their heads up on their own should not be brought along for a jog in a stroller.
We recommend that your baby is between 6-8 months before bringing them along for a run. It is essential to check with your pediatrician before planning a jog to see whether your baby can comfortably and safely sit in a baby stroller while you push them.
Mothers who want to start running as soon as possible should consider buying strollers designed to accommodate infant car safety seats. When you strap the baby into a safety seat while you go out for a run, the baby will be safe as long as you stick to the smooth trails.

2. Buy the Right Jogging Stroller

Before taking your baby out for a jog, you need to remember that not all strollers are suited for running. The stroller you use while taking a walk in the park is not well-suited for running with the baby.
We recommend investing in a good jogging stroller that will not only keep your baby safe while running but also keep you comfortable while pushing the stroller along.
Jogging strollers have adjustable shocks and larger tires that keep your child from bouncing around in the stroller. It should have a lockable front wheel that makes it easy for you to maneuver and handle any turns while in swivel mode.
The stroller should also ensure stability needed during sprints in lock mode without accidentally toppling over. It should have a good wrist strap and handbrake also to ensure stability when you are running downhill.

3. Routine Safety Check

Before taking your baby for a run in a stroller, we recommend performing a routine safety check to make sure your baby is secure. You should fit the stroller with reflective accents on the top, front, and sides if you're jogging late in the evening or early in the morning.
Make sure that you also wear reflective accents on your running shoes and clothes, as well. Doing this makes both you and the baby visible on busy streets. Do a complete safety check on the stroller as well.
Make sure you have buckled the baby correctly, secure your wrist strap, lock the front wheel to avoid any tipping over accidents, and each time you stop always put the parking brake on.

4. Pick the Best Time

As a mother, the best thing to do is to schedule your runs around your baby’s napping and feeding times. Taking a tired or hungry baby along with you will only make him grow fussy.
Take note of how your baby responds to his first run. If your baby naps when you're running, it should be easy to take them out of the stroller and put them down after a run. However, if your baby doesn’t sleep on runs, schedule the jog for when they are most likely to enjoy being out and about.

5. Dress Properly

If you want to bring your baby along for a run, you need to make sure that both you and the baby are appropriately dressed. In warmer weather, both of you should wear lightly and in attire that will protect both of you from the sun.
In cold weather, make sure you are warmly dressed, and you have a rain shield that will keep your baby protected if it rains. A good raincoat is also necessary for you to keep yourself dry in case it rains.
We recommend bringing extra diapers and clothing in the stroller's storage compartment, mainly because you never really know how the weather goes.

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