Struggling To Find The Right Cosmetic Packaging Partner? Read This Guideline

Struggling To Find The Right Cosmetic Packaging Partner? Read This Guideline
Finding the right cosmetic packaging partner is perhaps far more challenging than finding the right anti-aging skincare solution.
Of course, a quick search on Google or YouTube can give you overwhelming results in this regard, but most of the packaging companies are excessively hyped and cannot meet your cosmetic box packaging requirements. 
For example, maintaining hygiene is one of the key aspects that should be considered when designing your custom cosmetic boxes. Sadly, this isn’t everyone’s forte, only a well-reputable and experienced packaging company can offer you top-class packaging services. So how on earth you can find the right packaging partner? 
Well, there are certain rules you need to bear in mind when searching for a reliable custom cosmetic packaging partner.These guidelines will help you find the best packaging companies in the US. 
Without further ado, let’s see the salient features of a professional cosmetic boxes wholesale supplier. 

Production Characteristics

For any professional cosmetic packaging manufacturer, versatility is the key to success. Why? With the proliferation of novel technologies in the packaging industry, cosmetic packaging companies have ample resources at hand that enables them to stay ahead of the competition. This makes production one of the key characteristics of the packaging companies because it shows their service scale is extensive, diverse, and all-inclusive. 
Here are four important things you need to consider when choosing a cosmetic packaging supplier. 
• Quality Control:This means maintaining proper ethics and hygiene at the facility to offer high-quality packaging to the customers. Beauty products are quite fragile and can be affected by a sudden change in temperature at the storage facility or retail stores. Therefore, brands should ensure the packaging company they choose is fully capable of following the best practices of the industry at every step of the way. 
• Experience: When it comes to packaging, experience matters. It’s less likely that a novice firm will be fully aware of trade ethics and principles, which can lead to a big loss. Furthermore, a novice firm won’t be able to provide topnotch services because they may lack the experience or tools older ones have. Thus, it’s important to check the time a manufacturer has spent in the market. 
• Service to Customers: A prompt, friendly, and accommodative customer service is another important trait to look for in a professional packaging company. Sure, contract-based manufacturers strive hard to make the customers feel relaxedin order to develop a long-standing relationship. But the ones having solid reputation in the market like The Legacy Printing proved to be more reliable than the newbies. 

Design Capability

The ability to design reflects the range of designing services a potential packaging partner can proffer.This means you can seek their help to design customcosmetic boxesfor your lotion, mascara, lipstick or other beauty products. An ideal packaging partner should have a dedicated designing team so customers can get theirpackaging boxes designed according to their needs and mold making. Something that is frequently requested by cosmetic brands.  
Moreover, the packaging company must also be able to offer services like designing and printing logos on the product containers. Below are two key features you should seek from a potential packaging partner when it comes to designing: 
Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) & Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM): Mold making is one of the top concerns for any cosmetic brand while choosing a supplier. Naturally, there can’t be anything better than finding a packaging company that makes bespoke boxes with your logo printed on each of them. But the problem with the cosmetic packaging is their designs and shapes are quite unorthodox that aren’t easy to craft. 
Thanks to global consumers, who long for unusual designs. For this reason, selecting a cosmetic packaging supplier who can provide various options such as tubes, paper boxes, containers, jars, bottles to other personalized options is important. In fact, some packaging companies are now offering biodegradable or recyclable packing material, so brands can drop plastic packaging and embrace a greener solution. And since the number of eco-conscious consumers is rapidly increasing, there is no harm in selecting a company that caters to this need. 
• Low Minimum Order Quantity: It’s another important thing to consider. The MOQ figure varies from company to company as some are willing to accept as low as 1,000 boxes, whereas others are more flexible and can accept a minimum order quantity of 100 boxes per order. This range can further trim down to 50 boxes if you order the firm to design custom packaging boxes. In fact, reputable packaging firms also provide a sample box, if the customer decides to go with custom packaging. 

Product Catalogue 

It’s crucial that your packaging partner should be capable to innovate and experiment. The innovative packaging will allow you to stay ahead of the competition. But innovation can only take place if the packaging company has an extensive product catalog. 
Meaning, the supplier should have over five years of experience and their product catalog should featureover 200 packaging options. 
To gauge their expertise, look for specific packaging boxes for eyeliner tube, lipstick, lip gloss tube, lip balm, powder case, lipstick case, lipstick tube, mascara tube, and etc. A close examination of these containers will give you a good idea about the expertise of the packaging firms. 


Finding the right cosmetic packaging manufacturer is certainly an overwhelming process. But, using the right approach and information can help you find the best supplier.And if you end up finding a reliable and professional packaging partner that meets most of the aforementioned requirements, then you have certainly hit the jackpot. 
In fact, it will be a double treat for you if you join forces with a packaging company that offers eco-friendly, sustainable packaging because it will save you a great deal of cash and time.

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