6 African Vacays For San Diegans in 2020

6 African Vacays For San Diegans in 2020
Between a sun-splashed climate and beautiful beaches, San Diego is a super place to live. 

But if you want to broaden your horizons next year, you might be planning a bucket-list vacay.
And with the whole world as your oyster and plenty of pennies on the bank, which destination would make your dream holiday a reality? 
Before you opt to delve Down Under in order to commune with Kangaroos or sail off to Brazil for samba lessons, have you considered the cultural delights that await in Africa, the cradle of mankind?
If you’re tempted by an adventure to Earth’s most awesome continent, here are six African vacays for San Diegans in 2020.

1. South Africa

From the scenic beauty and brilliant jazz of Cape Town to the buzz of Johannesburg and the wonderful wildlife of Kruger National Park, South Africa genuinely has something for every traveller. To find out more, seek SA travel tips from Lonely Planet.

2. The Gambia

West Africa has much to recommend it, but of all its outstanding nations, The Gambia might be the pick of the bunch. It offers visitors stunning beaches, delicious cuisine, eco-tourism and windsurfing – get the lowdown at visitthegambia.gm.

3. Egypt

Egypt’s attractions are well documented – but that doesn’t make them any less breath-taking the first time you see them. From ancient pyramids and temples to camel trains, this really is a world apart – Egypt.travel has plenty of hints and tips for your consideration.

4. Ghana

Ghana is another African cultural capital that’s well worth a visit – browse visitghana.com to find out more about eclectic events like the Full Circle Festival, Afrochella and the Livesport X Festival. This nation is also the adopted homeland of Bob Marley’s widow Rita – another gold-standard seal of approval.

5. Senegal

If you love music, Senegal might be top of the pops when it comes to African vacay picks. This wondrous West African destination is home to the dynamic Saint Louis Jazz Festival, which attracts over 500 musicians at the end of May and beginning of June each year.Keep an eye (and an ear) on saintlouisjazz.com for the latest announcements.

6. Madagascar

Madagascar isn’t just the setting for a popular computer-animated comedy – it’s one of the world’s largest island nations (almost three times the size of Great Britain) and boasts sublime scenery and inspirational indigenous wildlife. Plan properly and it can be a unique vacation destination – responsibletravel.com has suggestions for a well-organised trip.
Select any one of these six African adventures and your 2020 vacay will produce memories that last a lifetime – you can thank us later! 

Getting there

Find cheap flights to African destinations on sites like Kayak.com and book San Diego airport parking at Looking4.com or parkingaccess.com for long term parking, if you’re reaching there in your own ride. 

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