Could Angela Okorie Have Faked Being Shot To Promote Her New Song?

Could Angela Okorie Have Faked Being Shot To Promote Her New Song?
Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie has been making headlines for the past few days concerning allegedly being shot by assasins.
According to the news, the Nollywood star was hospitalised after she had a run-in with armed men on Thursday, the 12th of December, 2019.
She was said to have been attacked after attending a show organised by Infirnix.

Well, from issues surrounding the news, I can say that her evidences do not match with the news.
Starting from the evidences, let's analyse the whole situation.

First, she's an actress, and if this was in a movie, we wouldn't be here to have this argument. You know what I mean right?

There have been believable cases of people being shot, but they were in Nollywood movies. Thieves kill people, and we see blood gushing out from their skulls and yet they feature in the next movies. Cool!
Now here's an actress, playing the same role, but this time in a different situation. She's no more doing it to sell a movie, but as a promotion strategy for her new song. She's not alone of course, even Skiibii faked his own death to gain relevance.

We'd see that later.
Why do I think it's a lie?
Someone who was shot and hospitalised to the degree Angela Okorie described herself to be wouldn't know where she kept her phone, not to talk about running a live video.
The shock and emotional trauma alone would be enough to keep you starring for a whole week.

Secondly, she couldn't disclose the location of the incidence. Wasn't that an attempt to keep the media off the controversies? I wouldn't mind taking a flight to Lagos, just to verify the authenticity of the news, and discuss with any eye witnesses available.
Again, ten bullets were removed from your face and you're still living? The head wasn't even wrapped in bandages at least.

The Nigerian movie industry has always been a quack one, and the stars do not know how to fake their deaths very well, not to talk about gun shots.
Why would she fake such a thing?

I know you'd be wondering. Well, I too was until a few hours ago when her new song, 'E Pain Them' popped up on YouTube. I was like, so this woman had to make her fans pass through all these just to force her song through their neck?

The whole things were looking fake, but not as stupid as the song will be!

Dear Angela,
Next time you want to do something like this, kindly contact a few of your wise friends. I learnt you released a new song, 'E Pain Them' less than 24 hours ago.
Stop putting your fans into shock as a way of promoting your quack songs. If your song is good enough, you will not need to fake anything to sell them.

I'm sorry, I will not be playing the song. Next time you can fake your suicide, we might actually believe that.
With love,

A caring Nigerian blogger.
What do you think?

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