Doodly Review | What Do I Have To Say After Purchasing And Using It?

Doodly Review
For the past few days, I've been seeing the same sets of ads repeatedly on my Instagram, Facebook and even Adsense.
The company really spent a lot on the ads, and they're giving it out at a very huge discount. Instead of the normal $468 per year, you'd be spending only $67 to purchase it with a lifetime licence.
They even gave a money back guarantee, and if you do not like the app within the guarantee period, just complain and you get a full refund.
Mouthwatering right?
I decided to give it a try, and purchased it at the discount. 
Now on the question, was the purchase worth it? Well, on a scale on 1-100, I'd say it was worth it 70%...

Haha... why not 100%? You know, that might be a lie! To say I'm cool with everything, wouldn't be too cool.
To begin with, check out a video I made with the software.

Cool, but my major issue was with including a voice over. You know, as per the new YouTube policy, you MUST use either your face or your voice, or both in your videos to be able to monetize.
One of my favorite YouTube channels got their ads disabled because of this, and I didn't want to take any chances. The moment I had you could include a voice over, I knew it was a go-go.
However, after purchasing it, I couldn't include the voice-over effectively, and had to stop using the software.
Of course I didn't ask for a refund, because it was OK with the other things I needed, and I'd still be using it for a few other things.
I went for another software, the premium too and with it I was able to create this:

I wouldn't be sharing the name of the second software, that would mean driving people away from this business. 
It gave me all I wanted, since I didn't actually know that, and it is offline too, unlike Doodly which you'd need to have an active internet access to use it effectively, and everything is linked to their server so the day they go offline, no one else would be able to use them.

Doodly is very cool, especially is you just need to write some stuff and put music at the background. You'd however need to pay another $97 if you want to access some other features, like colored photos and tools.
You can check my own video, it's in a full black and white. They didn't tell us all these from time, and maybe we shouldn't have purchased it they did.

Thanks a lot for reading along. Have you used Doodly? How was it? Kindly drop us a comment and share to your friends.
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