7 Things You Must Do To Avoid Being Raped This Christmas Period

7 Things You Must Do To Avoid Being Raped This Christmas Period
Christmas is here again, and it'll not be the last, neither was it the first.
As with almost every other festival in the world, there are always countless cases of crimes, including stealing, fraud, kidnaps and of course, rape!
People need money, and they want to catch fun. Some of the suspects just return from other places, even outside the country and would be leaving immediately the New Year is over.
If they assault you, there might not even be enough chances to get them arrested and of course, punished. Shouldn't that be a better reason to protect yourself?

Imagine getting raped by Emeka who just returned from Malaysia, and while you're still looking for the best way to complain to your parents or guardians, and possible get them punished, you see their next update in the Murtala Muhammed Airport, and boom, they're off for the next 365 days...Lol!
Funny as it may sound, both males and females get sexually assaulted. Rape isn't a gender of gender, sexuality, religion or social status, you just need to be careful, like extra careful!
We'd be checking out 7 things you MUST do to avoid being a victim this season. If you want to win ₦30,000+ from our Xmas giveaway, click HERE.

How To Avoid Being A Victim Of Rape During Xmas

Inasmuch as no one ever prays to be raped, at least no sane human, we don't always get what we hope for.
Some things you can do to help yourself avoid being raped include:

• Always be at the right place, the right time

You might be tempted to keep up late nights, because of the season we're in. I don't attend events except it is overnight, or I make arrangements of the place I'd lay my head to sleep after.
Imagine spending the night in your house, you're almost totally safe. Avoid keeping late nights, and never be with people you no not trust.

• Avoid overdrinking, even if you're with trusted people

Drinking is cool, but not over! There have been cases of ladies getting raped after they were drunk, or even kidnapped and killed.
You might feel safe because you asked a friend to take care of you, but they too could get drunk, or sleep off. Prevention has always been better than cure.

• Don't accept gifts from strangers, they could be luring you

First they give you a gift, and another, then they invite you to come over. Many victims of rape have told stories of how they innocently visited the people who took advantages of them.
Some don't eventually speak out and have to live with the stigma for the rest of their lives.

• Out rightly reject ride offers from strangers, they could even be kidnappers

'Hello pretty, where are you going to? Hop in if you don't mind, I'd love to give you a ride!' My sister run, im fit be them.
They might not even want to rape you, they could be ritual killers looking for victims for their vow renewals. You know how fetish Nigerians can be?
You'd not want to give up your life to enrich another human elsewhere, who'd even end up splashing it off in clubs and on exotic vehicles.

• If you own a car, don't accept to give people ride, especially if you don't know them 

You could be overpowered by just the sight of a gun, and you hand over the steering wheels. When people you do not know request for ride, even if they're of the same sex with you, ignore them and drive on.
Uber and Taxify drivers have faced risks, even while on professional duties, and you think a good Samaritan wouldn't? Save yourself the regrets and ignore all calls by strangers.

• Never leave your kids and younger ones with strangers

In today's news, a 50 year old man was recently sentenced to life imprisonment for raping a 19-month old baby. The baby must have been left in his care, and you know people could be lunatics.
No one saw that coming, and the baby has too pass through the theater if she must be normal again. As for the man, you can't do anything more than a death sentence.
It could be by hanging, electrocution, firing squad, just whatever, it makes no differences.
The damages have been done!

• Always tell people who you're hanging out with, they might be able to tell if they have a bad record, even if you do not ask

You might never know you're hanging out with a serial rapist until you're told. A little 'hey girl, I'm hanging out with Mr. X' could save the day.
If he's someone familiar, she could have something to say about the movement you're about to make.
It may sound unusual, but it is safer to avoid strangers this period, and always meet people in open bars and eateries.

What's more? Thanks a lot for reading along. Don't forget to drop us a comment and share to your friends.
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