5 Benefits Of Pursuing A Project Management Degree

5 Benefits Of Pursuing A Project Management Degree
“Plan your work and work your plan” by Napoleon Hill is a short and crisp definition of project management.
In today’s business landscape where technological evolution is ushering in projects not limited to locations, project managers with the acumen for organising, planning, and execution are the need of the hour.
Anything worth doing is better done by planning is an old adage. A project may have many individual contributors, but it is the project manager who brings all of these contributors within a cohesive plan, budget the project and see to it that all the deliverables with the utmost quality are achieved ethically within the set limits. 

This is solely why project manager courses are high in demand. There is a forecast for a steep increase in demand for project managers in the coming years. As every business sector or domain needs someone to skillfully manage and deliver projects it is good to pursue a project management degree from a highly reputed university. A degree like Bachelors or Masters of Science in Project Management will help you to learn the necessary skills to handle a diverse team, effectively communicate with the top-level executive team as well as the project team, budget the project, track them according to the timeline, and bring a vision to reality. 

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The high-demand, high-paying project management jobs require you to have completed either a Bachelors of Science in Project Management or a Masters of Science in Project Management degree
There are definite benefits to pursuing this as a professional degree course.
1. Although the first thought for you is to do an MBA in project management, with a Masters of Science in Project Management( MSC PM)  you get more value for money. Along with it, and the MBA is highly competitive and would demand higher scores from you. 
The MSC PM is better suited as they are not focused on any one particular domain, and you complete a live project completely dedicated to developing the required skills for project management in real life.

2. With a project management degree, you can be Assistant Project Manager, Associate Project Manager, Business Project Manager, Contract Project Manager. You are not limited by job opportunities and can choose any industry. The coursework is not specific and hence facilitates this.
 There is a lot of flexibility and also affords for a transition to other industries with this particular project management course.

3. With an MSCPM, you will learn essential skills like planning, organizational, problem-solving all of which are highly practical skills to hone which will help you to achieve success in your career. The project management course will mandate you to complete a project work focussed on project management in a real-time situation or a company. 
This will keep you higher exposure to real situations and you will be able to learn about handling them without entering the workforce. It also encourages you to optimize your education towards your field of interest.

4. A master’s project management degree will equip with the knowledge, experience to start off a successful career. You will be a position to learn various management style, way to manage a diverse group of people effectively across borders, learn to utilize technology and resources optimally to execute complex projects, understand the importance of making adjustments and tweaking as the project evolves, learn lessons from mistakes and formulate best practises and improve the overall system of project flow. 
With all the skills honed during your course work, you’ll be able and competent in leading international projects, while maintaining a high level of ethical and professionals standard.

5. Another important benefit to pursuing an MSCPM is the exposure you receive in a classroom through your fellow classmates and the vastly experienced faculty. Any course work is as good as the non-academic exposure you get - an intangible and variable experience that cannot be quantified and is completely lacking in online courses. 
This exposure is the most underrated quality of a project management degree. The faculty with vast industrial experience will be able to give you the most nuanced practical application of project management principles so you can relate and imbibe important lessons unavailable in academic books. And most of the students who will join along with you would have considerable experience in real-world industries, who would have enrolled in an advanced course to further their career. Engaging with such peers in a classroom environment will allow for practical discussions and hands-on learning while working as teams for projects.

With all these benefits, pursuing a project management degree is highly worth it. One of the best universities that have an able and highly skilled and expertise faculty is Cavendish University in Zambia. They also provide project management course online for those limited by the location to pursue a full-time course work. Cavendish University also has a scholarship program for students, which can be availed as a first come first gets basis.

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