“Don’t Go About Eating All Over The Place This Season”- MFM General Overseer Warns

“Don’t Go About Eating All Over The Place This Season”- MFM General Overseer Warns
Dr. D.K Olukoya is the General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries.
During an early service that was held on the 25th December 2019, Dr. D.K Olukoya enunciated to his members why the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries do not and will not join the secular world in celebrating Christmas and Easter.

He further warns his members not to join others in eating at these festivals in friends’ houses, and gatherings.

He narrates during this service why:
He explains that most people have eaten human flesh in three shocking narrations (experiences).

“A woman was contracted to cook in a gathering and was offered 350 thousand Naira. She was told strictly to use specially prepared water to cook food for some set of people and another water to cook for another set. However, this woman been a Christian, thought to herself, “why do I need to prepare food for some set of people with special water and another water for another set”. She then refused and turned-down the contract. The contractors pleaded and promised to double, triple her pay respectively, she still refused. These contractors eventually contracted other cater who accepted their conditions. Unknowingly to those people who ate at the place, they had eaten destiny transferring meal.
“Some people needed caters to cook for them for an event, so they hired as many as possible and took them to an unknown house in a tinted glass car. On getting there, the organizers gave them each material to use for their cooking, and bags of meat. One of the caters noticed it was nothing like any animal meat, getting a closer look discovered it was the meat (body) of humans that was given to them. The cater, as soon as he discovered, kept it to himself in order not to be killed. Those who came for the event (party) never knew they were eating human flesh. Be careful, so your mouth will not put you to trouble”.
“This one happened in Europe: a man was invited to a party, but since he knew he would not come for the party, he wrapped a gift for the organizer and went to deliver it. On getting there, he met the entrance door opened and thought “maybe they thought they jammed it” so he entered, as he entered, he heard water gushing from one of the rooms, he announced his presence to ensure people were home, when he discovered no one was answering, he approached the room with the running water, when he entered the room, he saw to his amazement the celebrant urinating on the meat that will be prepared for the celebration”.
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