How To Adjust To Moving To Europe From Africa For University

How To Adjust To Moving To Europe From Africa For University
Europe is a beautiful continent with many diverse countries and cultures.
Alongside the USA it has some of the world’s most prestigious universities, and it also has some incredible cultures, customs and landscapes so that you can really enjoy a truly unique and unforgettable university experience. A huge, diverse region, Europe has something for everyone, meaning that whatever your aspirations you can find the perfect course to suit you and drive you towards the career you desire. 
With the European Union facilitating programmes that help African students to study in Europe, there has never been a better time to move to Europe and learn about a new culture and lifestyle. Moving so far away from everything you’ve ever known can be tough, so here are some tips on how you can adjust and enjoy your time studying in Europe. 

• Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

Moving abroad can be nerve-wracking, so make sure that you’re prepared ahead of time by researching everything you’ll need and making sure that you’re completely ready. This will ensure that you keep yourself relaxed because you know you’re as prepared as you can be before you start your exciting new life as a student in Europe. 

• Learn The Language 

In Europe, English is the lingua franca, but many countries also have their own languages, so find out about the local tongue before you move to the country you’re going to study in and try to learn at least a few important phrases. It’ll be easier for you to adjust if you can understand people and don’t have to hang around exclusively with people who speak your language. You’ll be able to pick the language up easier once you’re immersing yourself in it, but before you move use an app to help you get to grips with the basics. 

• Find Accommodation With Great Communal Living Facilities 

A great way to make new friends and take your mind away from moving so far from home is to socialise, so try to find student accommodation that has great facilities. Collegiate offers student accommodation in central Lisbon that has a private fitness suite which means you don’t need to go elsewhere for a gym membership, as well as a private residents’ club lounge and study zones so that you can combine your studies with fun. 

• Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

When you move abroad it can be easy to want to cling on to everything that you remember from home, but try to embrace new things and make the most out of your time in Europe. Try to explore as many countries and areas as possible, and sample local delicacies so that you come away from your European university experience with great memories that you can cherish for the rest of your life. 
When travelling to Europe to study, always remember to put your own health and wellbeing before everything else. These tips should help you to enjoy a fun and exciting European study experience!
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