Tips To Strategize Your Preparation For NTPC 2019 Exam

Tips To Strategize your Preparation for NTPC 2019 Exam
If it's all about seizing the right opportunity to crack a government job in Indian railways then its time you should keep a track on the 2019 NTPC railway recruitment exam.
This year the recruitment segment of NTPC Railway has announced that they have 35,208 vacancies. And this means you have a chance to make a mark. NTPC, also known as Non-technical Popular Categories, is a segment where they hire employees for two categories: 
• Graduate Posts - This included work for Goods Guard, Commercial Apprentice, Senior Typist, and Station Master.  
• Undergraduate posts - This included work for Train Clerk, Clerk for Accountant cum Typist, Junior Time Keeper, the Ticket Clerk cum Commercial Apprentice.

How Should I Make my Start 

Before getting yourself prepared for the exam or to begin your preparations you should know the category that you will be going to appear for. So, once decided, it's all about getting on with the flow. But, even then everyone has their own way of preparation.  You can ace your preparation by taking some of the essentials from here and then customize accordingly with your style of studying. 

Given below are some of the essential tips that can help you give a better perception of how to prepare for the 2019 NTPC Railway exam

Tips to change your 'Average' into 'Higher Grades' for NTPC 2019 Railway Recruitment

The NTPC Railway exam is basically based on three different subjects General Awareness, Mathematics, and General Intelligence & Reasoning. So if you have to crack the exam, then you need to prepare yourself for each of these subjects with a particular approach for each one.  

Strategize Your General Awareness - First, let's discuss the preparation strategy for General Awareness. This part contains 40 marks, so you need to carefully strategize as you know that each of these parts plays a significant role to get higher grades. So, here we formulate some essential things that you should cover while preparing for the General Awareness test. 


 Essential Topics on General Awareness

General Awareness 

Topics on Art and Culture of India, Games and Sports, Indian Literature, Historical places and monuments of India, Current Important news of National and International interest, Socio-economic geography of India and World, General Awareness on Technological and Scientific Development (including recent space exploration of NASA), The political system of India, i.e. current topic on Governance and Indian Constitution, Current news on Environmental Issues in India and World, Basics of Computer Application, Current Affairs on Indian Economy and its Transport System, Renowned Personalities of India and World, Current Government Initiatives on multiple fronts, and the Important of Public Sector Organisation in India.

Apart from that, keep yourself updated by reading current magazines, daily reading of newspapers and go through the blogs on general knowledge online. Every day you will find something new happening around you but focus on those topics that are popular and important as that's what will help you to stay up-to-date. Remember that your awareness will help to earn extra marks. 

• Reasoning Aptitude- Secondly, you should be good at reasoning. This part contains 30 marks. Some people find it complicated as everyone doesn't have the same level of IQ. True but then you have the option of developing your general intelligence by thorough practice. And below, we discuss as to how you shall proceed when it comes to reasoning.


Essential Topics on Reasoning and General Intelligence

Reasoning & General Intelligence

Decoding and Coding, Number and Alphabetical Series, Analogies, Mathematical Calculations, Venn Diagram, Syllogism, Blood Relationships, Differences and Similarities, Classification, Analytical Reasoning and Assumptions and Arguments.

Besides, you should also focus on the following aspects: 

• Develop your logical skills - This test focus on the candidates' ability to think so prepare yourself through the topics above so that you can solve the problem faster. 
• Try to have a clear concept - Candidates appearing for 2019 NTPC Railway recruitment exams need to prepare themselves both in verbal and non-verbal forms of reasoning. The clarity of the idea depends upon how well one has understood the topic, so take your time and understand the topics. 
• Have a Calculative Mind - Thirdly, you need to deal with it Mathematics. This part also contains 30 marks, but to score well, you have to be calculative. So first let discuss some of the essential topics that you should cover to better. 


Important Topics on Mathematics


Percentage, Decimals, Mensuration, Simple and Compound Interest, Number System, HCF, LCM, Time and Distance, Trigonometry and Geometry, Profit and Loss, Elementary Statistics, and Elementary Algebra.

Also, keep in mind the following tips while solving the problem.

Remember the Basics - The elementary is the foundation and the key to success to crack this exam. So, remember the basics and try to apply shortcuts to save time. Try to have an in-depth knowledge so that you can solve tricky problems during the exam. 

Apply Shortcuts only when Needed - Know the tricks and shortcuts and apply only when you need it to save time. Try to use alternatives to solve tough questions and also keep yourself prepared in advance so that the plan doesn't backfire on you. 

The Real Solution Lies in Your Approach
The real success lies in how you formulate your approach. So, make a study plan of your own, take a few mock tests and then customize or follow these tips with your strategy and you will succeed. 
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