5 Things You Should Know Before Studying Abroad As A Nigerian

5 Things You Should Know Before Studying Abroad As A Nigeria
Many Nigerian parents, in the quest to secure the best future for their kids opt for universities abroad over the Nigerian ones.
This is a great idea, especially because of the wide margin between the quality of education being administered in most public schools and the quality of education in foreign higher institutions.

So before jumping on the plane to study abroad, there are some important things you should know as a Nigerian to avoid making mistakes.

• Contact the country embassy where the university is located and ask them relevant questions 

This is very important, especially as a first time traveller. In some cases, the embassy might request for an official letter and a little amount of cash. Please do it, it's really worth it.

• Consult ministry of education in Abuja

Many a times, you'd hear stories like Nigerians who graduated from a particular country being denied NYSC certificate. This is not strange, it occurs when the board suspects fraud, or a sub-standard quality of education.
Before you visit any country to study, try consulting the ministry of education in Abuja to know if the school is accredited and recognised by the Nigerian ministry of education.

• Research further on the school

What if the institution isn't accredited by the relevant authorities in the area where it is located? It is just like you studying in a private higher institution that is not recognised by the National Universities Commission (NUC).
A quick google search will show you the authorities in charge of validating school programs in your dream country.

• Ensure your documents are valid

You WAEC and NECO (if your host country accepts it) results, passports and other travelling documents should be intact and free of fraud. If your Visa is denied due to fraud, it might affect our future plans of travelling.

• Talk to people who have studied/studying abroad

There are more than 20,000 universities all other the world and finding the one that suits your taste might not be an easy decision to make.
You can however, easily find friends around you that would guide you through the whole processes involved.
Before I travelled to Canada, I searched for the institution's name on Facebook and added a few people that were active on their official Facebook page. This helped me in making a few friends even before stepping my foot on the Canadian soil. 

What more? As a new traveller, you will be needing a trusted agent that will guide you through the admissions and Visa application processes.
We at Pine Agencies are here to help. We have already aided over 70 students in successfully gaining admissions to study in India, Cyprus, China, United Arab Emirates, Philippines and many other countries.

Apart from the student's Visa, Pine Agency will also guide you through the whole process of securing a business, health or tourist visa to the countries listed above.
To find out more, kindly contact us.
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