Expert Tips On How to Export Office 365 to Mbox

Expert Tips On How to Export Office 365 to Mbox
We all know that Microsoft Office 365 is the leading cloud-based Office suite provider. People use it because of its data security and attractive applications.
However, no one can guarantee the complete security of your data, whether it is locally saved or stored in the cloud. Therefore, it is necessary to back up the cloud data in the local server. 

As there are many different email clients available. One popular freeware client is
Mozilla Thunderbird, the authors of the popular Firefox web browser. One of the best methods for backup the cloud data is to export Office 365 to the MBOX file format. In this write-up, we will tell you how to export Office 365 to MBOX manually.

- Manual Method to Export Office 365 to MBOX

There is no direct method available to perform such conversion. We need to configure Office 365 in the thunderbird account and use the import-export option to save the cloud file into the MBOX file format. In this section, we will learn the process of migrating Office 365 into the MBOX file format in a manual way. This process is divided into two several parts:
• Configure Office 365 account in Thunderbird
• Export MBOX file from thunderbird using Import and Export Option.

- Configure Office 365 account in Thunderbird

In this process, we will take the help of an IMAP server to access Office 365 in Thunderbird. 

To configure your account follow these quick steps:

1. Launch the Mozilla Thunderbird on your system and proceed to click on the menu icon and then select Options>> Account Settings >> Account Actions>> Add Mail Account respectively.
2. On the next window, enter your name Office 365 account id and password.
3. Click on continue to go the next step.
4. Thunderbird will automatically fetch the server settings and display it on the screen.
5. Click Done to open the page of Account Settings. If the configuration is completed properly, then there is a newly added Office 365 account will be visible on the left panel. In that case, close the window.
6. However, for the data to get synchronized you have to wait for some time.

- Export MBOX File from Thunderbird using the Import/Export Tool

Mozilla has provided an add-on for thunderbird known as Import / Export tools. To download the extension and export the files follow these quick steps:
1. Open Mozilla thunderbird and select tools and click on Add-on.
2. Open Add-on and click on see all.
3. Now write Import/Export tools in the search bar and select the extensions.
4. Now click on “ Add to thunderbird” and Install it to the extension.
5. After the successful installation, close the thunderbird and reopen it.
6. Select the folder you want to save the MBOX files. Now go to Tools >> ImportExportTools >> Export folder which is selected.
7. The selected files get exported to the required destination.
The Indirect method has its list of Drawbacks
As the manual method is comprised of two separate stages then are some limitations which the user can encounter while performing the migration process. Some of the major drawbacks are listed below:
• It is mandatory to install Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird on the same machine.
• Helps in exporting the emails only, and cannot be used to transport other mailbox items such as attachments, images, etc.
• Applicable to Thunderbird only and does not support other MBOX files such as Apple Mail, Entourage, MuttMail, PocoMail, etc.
• The integrity of exported data (emails) is not guaranteed.
• Users should have adequate technical know-how of Office 365, Azure Az and more.

Automated Solution

To overcome all the limitations of the manual approach you can opt for the direct software-based method which is easy, quick, and reliable. Then users do not need to follow the indirect method and complicated steps. This O365 to MBOX tool helps convert a majority of email clients such as Spicebird, Pocomail, AppleMail, Eudora, Mulberry, SeaMonkey, Netscape, ClawsMail, OperaMail, etc. It is the best method to convert Office 365 to MBOX file format in one go.

Final Words

In this write-up, we have discussed all the information about the query “ How to convert Office 365 to MBOX?” where a manual method and an automated solution is described. The manual method has some limitations and difficult to follow.

Therefore, you are advised to go with the professional method which is an O365 to MBOX converting tool. I hope you find this article enough to solve your query. If you have any queries regarding any above-mentioned steps then feel to contact. Thanks for reading.
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