7 Business Ideas For New Age Entrepreneurs in 2020

7 Business Ideas For New Age Entrepreneurs in 2020
Who doesn't want to be their own boss? Who doesn't want to work on their own time? I guess most people would want a life which would reflect the above mentioned points.
If you are looking to have a life where you can work for as long as you want and decide your own schedule and spend time with your family whenever you want while having financial freedom then I guess you want to be an entrepreneur. 
You want to have a business or something of your own which will generate good income for you without bounding you to a normal 9-5 schedule. Just remember you have to put in a lot of effort at the start of your entrepreneurial venture to be able to generate enough financial freedom with lesser effort in the future. Today becoming an entrepreneur has changed a lot. If you are looking for some business ideas to kick-start your goals then go through these 7 ideas.

1. Build and Run Your Own Website

This is something a lot many people have started doing in the last decade. You can build a website which serves various amounts of content. Start with something you are interested in and then keep building on it. Try to post as many quality contents you can on a regular basis. Slowly, once you start getting enough income you can hire content writers to help expand your site.

2. Amazon FBA

This business idea has made many people generate six figure income yearly. Amazon FBA helps you sell a product Amazon. You don't have to worry about storage. All you have to do is get the product you want to sell on Amazon to their warehouse and pay the warehouse charges. Now, all you have to do is sit and wait for people to buy your product. 
There are hundreds of courses online which can help you get your start. Visiting this site would be a great help in this regard as they have a complete guide on how to create an amazon storefront.

3. Liquidation Business

You can get into the liquidation business if you like. This business is very lucrative if done right. There are various wholesale liquidation companies like Quicklotz from whom you can buy quality products in bulk at a very cheap price. Basically, these companies buy the surplus unsold products from companies like eBay or Amazon and sell them at a lower price to retailers.

4. Teach Courses Online

If you know something and are confident about being able to impart that knowledge to other people then you can create your own course. Record various videos teaching that particular thing and post them on various sites. Now, promote your course on YouTube or other social media platforms and wait for people to buy your course. Just remember to give them live support if they have further doubts while going through your course.

5. Designing An App/Game

This requires a lot of technical know-how and creativity. But this is a business which has made many people multi-millionaire. If you have an idea of an app which you think can be very useful to people then make it. Remember, if you can create value for people you don't have to worry about financial freedom. Whatever it is you are doing to create the value will ensure your income. 
If you have an idea of a game then also you can go ahead with it. Nowadays, there are various platforms where you can make mobile games without much coding. Just search for them and get started. But if you can use or learn to use environments like Unity then you can do it for free.

6. Organic Farming

This is something you can do if you have some capital and arable land to start with. Nowadays, there's a wave of people looking for food which are organic i.e. they have been grown using natural manure rather than artificial chemicals  and pesticides. If you have around Rs. 5-6 lakh capital and then you can get into the business. You do not need lots of produce since a small farm can give you a lot of profit as the prices of organic products can be a lot higher. You can even set up your own website to sell your produce. Choose the vegetable or fruit you will be comfortable to work with and which are in demand.

7. Serving Food to Office Workers/Students

Yes, the business which is very much alive in Mumbai can be used by you too. Every year thousands of people relocate for their work or studies. They do not have the comfort of their home and thus will face certain difficulties in finding good and hygienic food on time. You can jump in this niche and provide Tiffin service to them. Make sure the food you are providing feels home-cooked and is hygienic. You can deliver the food straight to their office or their house on time. This too requires some investment but once you establish yourself the income can only increase.
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