8 Biggest Food Myths That Still Exist

8 Biggest Food Myths That Still Exist
In my opinion, food lovers and enthusiasts realize the fact that they can innovate. But I think it’s a big myth”.-Micheal Moss, an American author, and journalist.
Do you think that if you eat fatty food, you will become fatter? Do you think that eating carrots will improve your eyesight and vision? Or do you have a perception that consuming milk every day makes your skeletal system strong? 

Well, these are some of the common facts that we have been hearing or reading right from our school textbook days. And many of us believe that it’s completely true. Remember our mothers forcing us to finish the glass of milk instructing us to complete our lunch.

But what if I tell you that these are nothing but the worst food myths that still persist? Let’s find out the top 8 biggest myths in this blog.

• Eating fatty food makes you fatter

Many people think that eating fat-rich food will increase their weight and obesity. But do you know that walnuts, olive oil, and avocados that are full of fat help to boost your body? That’s the reason why health-conscious people abstain from consuming fat. But the fact is it’s a total myth.

As a matter of fact, most women are apprehended for eating fat. But that’s wrong. An expert nutritionist believes that if you are increasing your fat intake and reducing your intake of refined white carbohydrates, you can stay healthy and stabilize your blood sugar levels.

• Coffee makes your growth stagnant

This is one of the popular food myths that we have been hearing from the last several years. It says that the caffeine present in the coffee has an adverse impact on your stature.  
The core truth is that there is no connection between caffeine and your height. According to medical science, your height primarily depends on the genes that you receive from your parents and overall health. The height can also be affected due to osteoporosis due to poor eating habits. But having a cup of coffee once or twice a day is not going to stunt your growth.

• Carrots improve our eyesight and vision

Well, this is yet another popular trick used by mothers trying to convince their children to start eating carrots and fresh salads. The moms usually said that if you don’t want to wear spectacles at a young age, start having carrots. It’s true that carrots are a healthy addition to your diet.

You cannot expect the carrots to provide you with a 20/20 vision despite the fact that they contain vitamin A. Even during World War II, the myth was that carrots helped to increase the eyesight of the pilots, but technological advancements in fighter aircraft had started by then.

Besides, according to a study of the Harvard Medical School, green leafy vegetables are more beneficial to improve the person’s eyesight. 

• Milk strengthens your bones

Well, I’m sure that this is one fact, which will shock you for sure. Would you believe me if I tell you it’s a myth that milk helps to strengthen your bones and muscles? We have all grown up watching superman and batman cartoons and as a kid desired to become strong.
Our moms also ensured that we have at least milk twice a day. But a journal published in the Nutrition in Clinical Practice shocked everyone claiming that milk reduced the calcium in our body, contrary to what we usually believe. Another study also gave more astonishing results saying that more people suffered from bone fractures in the countries that consumed the highest dairy products. 

• It takes 7 years to digest shallow gums

I’m sure that most of you must have had chewing gum or have shallowed it once or twice by mistake. Now, here comes the myth related to this fact. Yes, people have a belief that it usually takes a span of seven long years to digest chewing gum if you shallow it directly. The gum occupies space in your gut by then.

But it’s far from being the truth. Of course, you should not shallow the gums but in case you have, it will take the same amount of time to digest like any other food. So, if you have shallowed the gums, there’s nothing to worry about, just relax and chill out.

• Eggs are unhealthy for the heart

I have heard that many people abstain from eating egg yolk over the assumption that it will increase their cholesterol level. This led researchers to research and find out the truth on how egg york influences our blood cholesterol level. 

The result revealed that there is no way egg york escalates your heart’s cholesterol.  It’s important to consume them in a controlled way. Of course, it’s difficult to control yourself from eating a delicious omelet because it contains the yellow part of the egg.

• Carbohydrates can lead to weight gain

Many people who visit the gym in the morning and also exercise regularly just to shed their weight also believe that consuming carbohydrates will make all their efforts futile. So, they cut carbs and add protein, minerals, and vitamins to their meal. But remember, this is completely false.

Yes, you should avoid consuming refined carbohydrates such as white bread and soda. But if you want to make your body a healthier and fitter place, then including carbohydrates in your daily diet is quite necessary.

• Spicy food leads to ulcers

I’m sure most of you agree that junk and spicy food isn’t healthy for the body and may lead to digestive issues. One myth still persisting is that spicy food leads to ulcers. But it’s not true at all. Medical professionals suggest that ulcers are caused either by bacteria or though some medicines.

Just think that if this myth was true people would have suffered from ulcers in large numbers, where eating spicy food is a traditional norm. Even spicy food has health benefits. The only ouch factor with them is that they can create a problem in your bowel if taken in large quantities.
Don’t pay heed to myths, enjoy your food
Well, it’s not the end of the story here. There are many other big myths about food that still exist in the world. But my suggestion to you is to not pay heed to any myth or rumor and enjoy what you are eating. Another advice is to take food in the right quantity so that it can digest easily. 

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