Importance of Training and Higher Education

Importance of Training and Higher Education
There is high competition for the job market and the demand for skilled individuals is increasing every day.
Hence it is important that an individual pursues higher education for a degree in fields such as engineering, medical, commerce, management, etc. Higher education provides individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary for the job role they are training for. It is important to know about the responsibilities that the job requires and to be trained for it in order to secure a related job in the respective companies. 

For job fields such as engineering and commerce, the individual can be trained during the probationary period of the job too. But for fields such as medical, the individuals need to have good knowledge and training in their job. The top medical colleges in India provide candidates with a good amount of training during their medical training period. These colleges make sure that the candidates graduating from there are well-equipped with the topics and skills required for a medical professional. 

Higher education is where the theoretical knowledge of a student is put into application by providing them with experiential knowledge. Institutions that provide higher education are a great contribution to economic growth and for the development of skills and innovation in an individual. The MITWPU is an educational institution that provides higher education to candidates interested in pursuing a career in a professional field such as engineering and management. The college also has courses in non-traditional professional fields like photography, fine arts, media & journalism, etc. 

A country’s competitive advantage in the global economy depends on economic development factors such as knowledge accumulation and its application. Hence, it is important that the top colleges in the country are well-sponsored. Individuals who are well trained in universities are equipped to develop the capacity and analytical skills that drive local economies, lead effective governments, support civil society and make important decisions that can affect entire societies. 

• Higher education and Quality workforce

The importance of higher education in the development of society and a sustainable economy increases every year. Higher education can be seen as a way to improve the quality of life, address major social and global challenges, and can be seen as a place where theory and practice meet to create a career path for any individual. 

Improving career-related skills and investing in knowledge creation helps in creating higher employment possibilities and in enhancing the growth of productivity. Modern universities such as BITS, MITWPU, IITs, and IISc’s, provide students with various programs that allow them to develop various skills and tools that are considered as the desired career skillsets. A university education helps in developing life-long learning which is essential in creating a career path. 

• Research and Development

Higher education drives individuals to learn and innovate in the field that they are practising. The most sought after areas in research in universities are in coming up with solutions for challenges that are at a global priority and contributing to the health and social engagement areas. It is often aimed at designing solutions that are of great importance and which could be of use to the general society. The top medical colleges in India are training their candidates to be aware of the areas that are of top concern and to make sure that each of them strives to find a solution to every challenge that lies ahead of them. 

Formerly in India, higher education was viewed as a thing of prestige. But ever since the growing economic demand for highly skilled individuals, higher education has become a thing of necessity. There are a few institutions that just provide a degree of training in a particular career field with the intention of capitalising on the necessity of the degree. This is wrong for a lot of reasons, one of them being that, unskilled individuals are an unessential part of the economic requirement. Unskilled individuals are also something that will hinder the productivity of the company as a lot of time will be consumed in just training for the entry-level job. 

This is something that is to be considered by the higher educational institutions and make sure that the candidates that graduate are all well-trained for the jobs and careers that they wish to practice in. The most important role of an educational institution is to make sure that the candidates are getting a good amount of on-hand training instead of just theoretical knowledge. An educated society is more like an asset for the development of a country and hence the government must invest more into the education and training of innovative individuals, which will directly impact the country with a bright future.
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