7 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Chinese Tea

7 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Chinese Tea
One of the most constituent part of the Chinese culture is tea-drinking, and it's still being practiced till today.
China is renowned for their its skills in planting and making tea, plus the fact that its the original producer of teas. The Chinese tea-drinking custom has over the years, spread to Europe and other parts of the world through cultural exchange via the ancient "Silk Road" and other channels of trade.
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China, as a nation has worked so hard in writing a brilliant page for its tea culture in the history of world civilization. This has made the the development (and promotion) of tea one of the country's principal contributions to the world.

Benefits Of Chinese Teas

Having seen some facts about the Chinese teas, how about we explore it's health benefits? Some health benefits of the Chinese teas that are worth mentioning include:
Weight loss: According to a post by borntea.com, individuals that drink hot teas have lower BMI and smaller waistlines than non-tea drinkers. Recent study has also proven that green tea can be helpful in burning belly fat because of its catechins content.
Helps in protecting against cancer: Due to the high quantity of antioxidants present in Chinese teas, it has shown to be effective in protecting against different forms of cancer like prostrate, breast, colon and ovarian.
Healthy teeth and gum: The presence of fluoride in teas  make them effective in preventing plaque build-up, thereby promoting healthy gums and teeth. This is why you'd always see the word 'fluoride' in your toothpaste packets.
Regulation of blood sugar levels: Several compounds present in tea helps in metabolizing sugars, thereby preventing Type 2 Diabetes.
Protect against bone loss: Due to the presence of antioxidant compounds in green tea, health experts suggest it'll be helpful in protecting against bone loss and osteoporosis. Drinking green tea also tends to stimulate mineralization to generate bone formation, while inhibiting the formation of cells that remove bone tissue at the same time.
Increased muscle endurance:  Green tea can be helpful in fueling your by longer workouts by helping your body burn fat more readily, as stated by borntea.com
Anti-inflammatory: Green teas also contain polyphenols, which have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that aid in lowering the risk of a number of diseases like heart disease.  

What more?

Chinese teas have over the centuries, been consumed by both Chinese and other parts of the world. Apart from the fact that it is being consumed for enjoyment, many people also go for it because of its health benefits.
One of the most famous Chinese teas is the Pu-erh Tea, from Yunnan province in China. It can be divided into two types, the cooked and raw types.
While the raw types are the varieties that have gone through the process of gradually darkening by exposure to the environmental elements instead of fermentation,  the cooked types undergo a a process which accelerate post-fermentation.
You can find here, more information about the Pu-erh Tea or visit https://www.chinesetea4u.com/category/puerh-tea to view a variety of them.

Other popular Chinese tea types are:

• Huangshan Maofeng Tea (Yellow Mountain Fur Peak 黄山毛峰)
• Long Jing (Dragon Well Tea 龙井)
• Tieguanyin (Iron Goddess 铁观音)
• Keemun Tea (Qimen Black Tea 祁门红茶)
• Liu'an Melon Seed Tea (六安瓜片)
• Biluochun Tea (Green Snail Spring 碧螺春)
• Junshan Yinzhen Tea (Master Mountain Silver Needle 君山银针)
• Da Hong Pao (Large Red Robe 大红袍)
• Baihao Yinzhen Tea (White Hair Silver Needle 白毫银针)

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