5 WordPress Database Plugins For Managing Your Site‘s Data

5 WordPress Database Plugins For Managing Your Site‘s Data
The new term that has surfaced recently “Big Data”.
Every big company wants to use this to the fullest. But that does not mean that small companies cannot take advantage of the big data for themselves.

With the right kind of strategies and relevant Word press plugins, you can organize every aspect of your site. Starting from organizing your website data to backing up all your data.

Why do you need a backup database plugin? Even I had asked the same question to myself once. That time I was one of the amateurs who just owned a website.

Have you ever thought that data can easily be accessed by hackers? Data are information that is stored online, a simple breach in the data security can affect your website.

This just one out of many circumstances when database backup plugins come in handy.

Do not worry, if you are word press user, then you are in luck because the word press has plenty of WordPress backup plugins. Some of them are among the Best WordPress Database Plugins.

In this article, I have handpicked a few that can work just fine for everyone.

1. Updraft backup and restoration

It is one of the widely used plugins. It has more than 1 million active installs. Updraft has been in the market for many years. It is undoubtedly one of the best WordPress database backup plugins.

Having a good website is just only half job done, you need to work hard to maintain it and organize it. Updraft back has been doing this for more than a decade.

This plugin boasts about the best support system. 
Look below for all the features
• It provides you with a seamless backup system without any obstruction.
• This plugin connects you with the different clod back up a system like Google drive and dropbox.
• This plugin does not create an extra load on your system.

The above are the features that come with the free version. If you want to use its best premium function then you have to buy the premium version.
The premium version will give you the following function:
• Easy duplication of the data
• Advance reporting to the system
• It has multi-network compatibility
• Incremental backup

2. Vault press

If you are a person who loves automated things. Even if it is about WordPress database backup plugins, some of you love automated backup system. Then this plugin is the best WordPress database backup plugin for you.

Vault press lets you enjoy the automated backup system. You do not have to do anything other than some initial set up, and every change in the website will go to the backup automatically.
Some of the common features are given below:
• Backup with just a single click
• Real-time backup system
• You will get 30 days backup archives
• It has an inbuilt anti-spam system that protects your website.
Let me tell you that the basic version of the vault press is not free. It also has a premium version that gives you access to some of the advanced features. These advanced features are ad revenue generation and google analytic generation.

3. BackWPup Free

The two WordPress database backup plugin that I talked about earlier are the best but are very costly. On the other hand, BackWPup free is a plugin that provides all the features for free.

The free version has several features, the features are enumerated below:
• Database management and file backup
• Checking the database and repairing it, if needed.
• Database optimization
• It has flexible storage and connects your website database with several cloud storage.
• It can send logs and can backup data with just one email.
On the other hand, it also has premium plans that allow you to add more sites and provide you 12-month service support.

4. WP-DB Manager

If you are looking for a plugin that specializes in data optimization. Then you are looking for a WP-DB manager.

This plugin is famous for its optimization skills. This plugin automatically creates a database menu on the dashboard. This feature makes the customization process smooth like butter.
The common features of this plugin are:
• It shows your database profile, one the best thing I have seen
• It backup all your data and provide the scheduling.
• It optimizes the database
• It runs a SQL query.

5. Participant Database

Till now I have been talking about the best WordPress database plugin, but this Participant database is different. It stores all the data in the form of tables.

This plugin helps you to store all the data in the form of tables and the data that are stored into the table are the comments, posts, and login credentials.

The key features of this database are:
• The database can be fully configured. Each and every aspect of the website can be configured easily. 
• It creates forms that are easily customizable.
• It helps another plugin to enhance themselves, either free or premium.
• Every change that you make in the database, you are notified by an email.
• It provides a gateway to import and export CSV files, to increase the interaction among other databases.

Take away

If you are a user who owns a WordPress website, then the database is the most important thing. All the information is stored in the database. One simple mistake can cost you all the website information.

To ensure that such a scenario does not occur, you need to prepare. How can be you prepared? It is simple, there are many best WordPress database backup plugins, that can help you to back up every single data of your database. What’s more, some of then are free.

Here are the summarize features of all the best WordPress database backup plugins:
• Every post is revised and all the data are optimized accordingly.
• It provides the general backup system - updraft and backdraft for free.
• If you are using Vaultpress, you can backup your data in real-time.
• It provides database optimization with SQL features. 
• If you are using the Participant database, you can create an external database.
What's more?
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