10 Best Surfing Destinations Around The World Every Surfer Needs To Visit

10 Best Surfing Destinations Around The World Every Surfer Needs To Visit
Normal health needs an attractive sport and exercise to keep itself updated.
The desire for surfing brings up a playful emotion that brings happiness. Surfing needs an aggravate passion and lust that boost up the surfers to dive in the water with a board. The high waves of shores have a deep connection with a surfing board and that keeps the surfers above the water. 
Surfers tend to be experts and vigilant with high expertise in surfing in high tide. The catchy eyes and spark of the surfers pull the water toward itself and dances it on the tunes. It moves along with the water and sets a new wave with the motion of the surfing board. 

The surfers love to visit many places that are full of water so that they can easily surf there and enjoy their passion. 
The best surfing destination around the world that every surfer must need to visit are: 

1. Canggu, Bali

A long ago, the Canggu was just a shaky place with a single shack and a vast beach in front. The winds are blowing just here and there but now if you could visit it you would see a different place. This place is fully crowded with a large population that comes to the beach to enjoy, it is the best place for surfers to surf in the water. 
There are a lot of canteens and food spots for you, this place is perfect for any recreational activity and also gives you surfboards on rent for just €9.    

2. Sennen Cove, Cornwall

This place is far away from the main city but upon reaching you feel blessed. This place is dreamlike and drives people crazy. This Sennen is the best-suited place for the surfer to surf in the big shores of the water. This is also available through Greek Ferries, we consider best in taking you to the best destination to enjoy surfing. 
The best surfing places trip is organized and arranged by us in a very diligent way and gives you ultimate comfort. There is a large number of shacks and open restaurants for visitors, a large number of people often visit it to revive their moment. You can hire a board and suit from £14. 

3. Hoddevik, Norway

The place is full of mountains and due to the advent of technology, it is now possible to surf in the icy waters. It is the best spot for surfers to surf in this water to enjoy the realistic feel. This place is not crowded and gives you a peaceful environment in its surroundings. 
There is a surf camp that gives its surfing lessons, seven nights ‘accommodation, kitchen service, board, suit in just €577. This Hoddevik is the best place for a surfer to visit if he or she wants to surf underwater.

4. Waikiki, Hawaii

Hawaii is not less than California on beaches and gives one of the most exotic beaches to enjoy surfing. The Waikiki beach is just beside Honolulu and large waves come in these beaches causing the surfer to surf even more in the depth of the water. 
The warm and regulated water also gives benefits to the surfer and this beach is a tourist attraction. The surf lesson and boards are available in just $40, which gives benefits to urban and rural people living there.   

5. Lagos, Portugal

It is a town beach and gives high waves to the surfers, this beach is the main center of attention to people all over the world. There are a lot of fishing shacks that give high-quality food and are fully crowded with people. 
Lagos is also a good place for the party and gives a good spot for the surfers to surf in the water. It also gives a high service of surfboards, suits, yoga, biking, accommodation, fitness in just €15 a day. This place is highly recommended for beginners to seek surfing.       

6. El Paredón, Guatemala

This place is for travelers and is not crowded with people. You can easily surf here and it is comfortable for both beginners and advanced surfers. This place accommodates a large number of surfers and gives plenty of food and other services. The surfboard and suit are available on the shack that is given to you £10 a day, an accommodation and surfing lesson is also provided as per the need.

7. Hossegor, France

This beach is not for the beginners, it is for the advance and intermediate to experience the devilish sport of surfing and enjoy surfing in the high waves of the water. The temperature of the water is warmest that gives an advantage to the surfer. 
It is a full crowded beach with several people and there are a lot of things on the beach. People come to hang out, party with friends and are too relaxed. The food and music are good and are the best spot for the surfer to enjoy the crazy tides of the water. The boards are available for just €10.

8. Tofo Beach, Mozambique

The place is not much known by people yet it is quite adventurous for the surfer to ride their boards in the high tides of water. Tofu is a beach town and has a lot of stuff on the beach. People come to enjoy surfing and swimming in deep water. Boards are available on rent from £13 a day.

9. San Vicente de la Barquera, Spain

From the desert, mountains, and valleys this place also keeps a high elated beach for surfers. It only benefits and is adventurous for the advanced surfers as the water is of high peak and is extremely dangerous but gives an advanced level of water surfing. 
This place is crowded and is giving the high-class service to the people, the surfboard and suit costs €95. People would love to come here.

10. Sayulita, Mexico

The place full of the jungle also has a fantastic beach in its front that drives people crazy. This beach is good for surfing and also allows beginners to surf here, many colorful cafes and canteens are present here that gives plentiful and high-quality food. 
The water is warm and is extremely beneficial for the surfers to dive in the waters. The Sayulita has the best beaching spot and gives the surfing services and lessons for just $40, one should visit it to enjoy surfing.
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