7 Actionable Blog Writing Tips For Beginners

7 Actionable Blog Writing Tips For Beginners
Why are you here?  Are you in search of something?
I guess you are in search of some blog writing tips to learn and apply in your blogging journey, right? Then, hold on! Before I share the tips with you, let us first identify what are the problems you are facing while writing.

Most of the bloggers face these problems in the beginning

• Lack of clarity on blogging
• Incompetent to write a convincing article
• Running out of content 
• Not getting enough traffic on the blog
If you are facing such problems, then this article will help and guide you to take you to the next level.

Some important notes before sharing the Blog Writing Tips

First of all, let’s address the difference and similarities betweenwriting an articleand writing a blog post. Then you can easily relate to the blog writing tips that I am going to share with you.
For many years,
• A blog post was something you could write your own point of view on any topic (your area of interest) in a casual way. Whereas an article you must follow a sophisticated writing style with facts and information.
• Writing a blog post does not require any research, but an article requires thorough research and interviews.
• In a blog post, you need to focus on an SEOkeyword, on the other hand, the keyword has no meaning in an article.
However, things have changed in the last few years. Blog posts and article publishing merged because people liked this new style of information access. But there is a lot of confusion because of the merging of article publishing and blog posting. So to make your blogging journey easier and productive let us learn the blog writing tips.
Word count is useful and important because it helps you enhance your content's authority and gives your reader a page worth sharing.

Blog Writing Tips

Just observe how I am following my own style to share the blog writing tips with you. So you start writing and gradually you will find your own way of representing information. However, you need to keep these basic things in mind to avoid mistakes and provide your readers with original compelling content.

1. Practice Freewriting

Freewriting—you might be wondering what it is? It's like you don't have to write something by thinking, analyzing and following a particular structure or style. You're just writing whatever comes to your mind.
You don't have to publish this writing or show it to someone else, this is for your reference. 
It helps you in a number of ways, such as
• It builds your confidence
• Your emotional barriers and fears disappear
• It helps you to discover your writing style
• It improves your writing ability.
• You get inspiration to write more

2. Don’t Write, Talk Instead

Try to write your article in a conversational way, don’t just put raw information. Because it connects to the reader like someone is talking to them and they get interested in your article. 

However, don't just write as you chat with your reader, deliver authentic information. Because your readers are reading with the expectation that they will gain some knowledge they've been looking for at the end of the article.

3. Stick to The Context

Many bloggers write interesting articles but they go out of the context. When readers read your content they are finding answers to their queries. You may drag their attention with your writing style for the first time but if you don’t solve their queries then they will come again. 

So, you need to share relevant information and maintain cohesion in your writing. This will bring you short term as well as long term benefits. Write short and meaningful sentences, and you can learn this by practicing concise writing. 

4. Practice Concise Writing 

Readers hate to read long meaningless sentences. Would you like to read a paragraph that has no meaning and information? Hell no. So, practice these simple steps to write short but meaningful sentences.
• Try to avoid passive voice and use active sentences. 
• Take care of your adjectives and adverbs. Don’t exaggerate your content using excess adjectives and adverbs.
• Eliminate redundant words.
• Reduce prepositional phrases

5. Be Authentic

You are unique, show it to your audience through your original content. Don’t just copy and paste it from any other websites or blogs. It is illegal too, if a website or blog has copyright to their content then you can get into trouble. No doubt you can collect ideas or factual information from other sites, but don’t just put them into your blog. 

It is difficult and will take time to produce original content, but you should never ever copy other’s work. Be original.

6. Diversify Your Reading Habits

As a blogger, you need to read more and more. However, don’t just stick to similar content, books or articles. Because it will decrease your creativity and interest. Read books from different genres such as personality, psychology, philosophy, business, marketing, advertising, food, health, investment, etc. it will broaden your horizon and perspectives and you can get a sense of connectedness.

Start with your area of interest, then read other genres gradually. Set your reading goals and develop the habit of reading. Comprehend and write the ideas, concepts, and knowledge you have gained through reading. This can significantly boost your writing skills.

7. Revise and Edit

This is the most important step you need to follow after writing a blog post. Because there may be grammatical errors, typos or any other mistakes present in your article. Maybe you want to add some extra information or modify some portions of the article. So read the whole article once after you finish writing. 

Apply the things you have learned

You have learned 7 result-driven blog writing tips for your blogging journey. There is no point when you do not take any action after learning. The time and effort you have invested to read this article will go in vain if you do not apply them. 

So, start applying them and gradually you will be able to write compelling original content for your blog. It will definitely bring more traffic and conversions if you master the techniques shared above. It takes time to adopt the techniques, but regular practice can bring quick results.
What's more? Thanks a lot for reading along. Don't forget to drop us a comment and share to your friends.
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