7 Best Car Tracking Companies In Nigeria And Their Official Websites

7 Best Car Tracking Companies In Nigeria
Getting a car is very important, but protecting it from theft is even much more important.
Have you imagined loosing your good budget car only because you didn't think investing in a car tracker were important?
Well, you may never know, so it's best to provide the added protection to your precious vehicles.
These 7 car tracking companies will provide you with the best telemetry services for your automobiles, and you go around everyday with an added peace of mind.

• Otrac Telematics

The Otrac telematics is one of the best car tracking companies in the country with their headquarters in Lagos, and offices in more than 20 other states.
They have been operating since 2009, and provide amazing fleet management services as well as help in the tracking of vehicles.

• Car Tracker Nigeria

Car Tracker Nigeria is registered by the NCC, and currently sell and help in the installation of car tracking services.
They have been in operation since 2007, and offer amazing telemetry services.
All their products and services come with a 12 months warranty and they offer car tracking devices at very affordable prices.
They have their head office in Lagos State, and branches all over the places like Port Harcourt, Benin City, Abuja, Warri and even in the United Kingdom.

• Speed Limiters Nigeria

The Speed Limiters Nigeria is approved by the Federal Road Safety Commission to vendor speed limiters.
They offer services like the installation of speed limiters, fleet management and of course, car tracking.
They are one of the best speed limit companies in the country and have offices in Abuja, Port Harcourt and Lagos.

• Fenix System

The Fenix System is a car tracking company and they have been operating since 2012. They combine featured from Trackplus and MTN C-Track to create a hybrid system operating as a turnkey telemetry solution.
Their products also have a 12 months warranty, and they are approved by the NCC.
You can stop by at any of their offices located in Abuja, Port Harcourt or Lagos.

• Car Tracking Nigeria

The Car Tracking Nigeria provides one of the best vehicle security services in the country, and were the first to develop a full hosted dedicated online software for tracking of vehicles.
They have been in operations for over 10 years, and some of their features include magnetic trackers for containers and cargos, sms engine control, over-speed alerts and they have their offices in Abuja, Port Harcourt and Lagos.

• Denso Track2Track

The Denso Track2Track is one of the best car tracking companies in the country, and they have a onetime payment plan.
The company has been in the industry for over 20 years, and affiliate with many other brands across the world.
They make use of the MTN vehicle tracking SIMs to provide their services.

• Track Plus Nigeria

With their head office in Lagos State, Track Plus Nigeria provide a full GPS tracking solution and high tech vehicle and automobile security solution in the country.
They have offices in places like Abuka, and cover other top cities such as Aba, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Owerri, Onitsha and Abuja.

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