Exclusive Guide On How And Where To Buy Cheap Cars In Nigeria

Amazing Tips On How And Where To Buy Cheap Cars In Nigeria
The metropolitan areas of Nigeria are expanding quickly, and so is the need for transportation.
Lagos is a certified megacity, and Abuja is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. As a result, there has been an increase in buyers looking for a reliable vehicle at an affordable price. The number of cars in Nigeria totaled almost 12 million in 2018.

If you're struggling to find the car of your choice at an affordable price, then you're certainly not alone — nor are you without hope. There are several ways and places for interested persons to find the best car for their transportation needs. Continue reading to learn more about how and where to buy cheap cars in Nigeria.

Import a Used Car From America

The most popular means of purchasing a car in Nigeria is to import a used car from America. The Toyota Corolla, Toyota 4Runner, and Toyota Avalon are among the most popular vehicles to buy used. Used car buyers love the durability that Toyotas offer. Also, buying used allows you to get a good deal on a premium vehicle like the Infinity FX35 with the latest and most advanced car features.

Online dealers like Auto Auction Mall sell auction cars in Nigeria over the internet. One downside to importing an auction vehicle from the United States is that dealers now have to pay a 70 percent duty on imported cars.

There are also other fees that you can accrue independent of the tariffs on imported cars. These are fees that result from not paying for your vehicle on time or not picking it up from the lot within the allotted time.

Usually, you have two or three days before a car is supposed to ship before your payment is due, and then you have three or four days from the time the vehicle arrives to pick it up. To keep down the price of importing a car from an online live auction, the best thing you can do is be on time for your payment and pickup.

Buy a New Car Manufactured in Nigeria

Because of the tariffs on imports, it's cheaper to buy a new car made in Nigeria than it is to import a gently used car from the U.S. The tariffs were put in place to encourage the growth of the auto manufacturing industry in the country.

Among the choices of vehicles that Nigeria makes is IVM—it's the first Nigerian auto company. Nigeria also builds the Peugeot 301, Nissan Almera, and Kia Optima — to name a few. You can find these vehicles at new car dealerships in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Ibadan, and other major cities throughout the country.

Is it Better to Import a Used Car From America or Buy One Made in Nigeria?

Whether it's better to buy a car from the U.S. and have it imported or buy a car made in Nigeria depends on your needs and economic situation, as there are pros to purchasing vehicles both ways. Importing from the U.S. gives you a wider selection of cars to choose from, but those made in Nigeria give buyers the benefit of saving money.

If you're looking for a luxury or sports vehicle with the sleekest designs and latest features, then your best bet is to import a car through an online auction. If you're looking for something that's brand new and more cost-efficient, then you should go to a car lot that sells vehicles built in Nigeria.

Times are changing in Nigeria. As the urban areas in the country continue to grow, so does the need for people to get from point A to point B promptly. Having a vehicle opens up more economic opportunities and makes the country a much smaller place.
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