3 Most Incredible African Countries To Visit In 2020

3 Most Incredible African Countries To Visit In 2020
You want to go on vacation right,and you have finally identified your dream destination – Africa.
Nice choice!
Africa is, without a doubt, one of the best travel destinations in the world. Here, you can enjoy a wealth of culture, interesting history, majestic wildlife, and crystal blue beaches. 
But did you know that Africa is a continent?
Silly question, right?
As crazy as it looks, there are many people out there who believe Africa is a country. The truth is this is a continent that has over 50 countries that have a lot of distinct landscapes to offer. From beach getaways to city excursions to safaris, Africa has it all. 
Even sports venues that host experiences similar to the major ones around the world, who might be different from the top NBA betting odds, but still worth watching.For example, South Africa is well known for both rugby and horse racing, while most other countries are crazy for soccer. 
This article covers other 3 exciting African countries that should be on your bucket list in 2020. 

• Kenya

You cannot mention travel destinations in Africa and fail to mention Kenya – which is one of the most vibrant economies in Africa. It is an ideal destination for beach holidays, safaris, and family vacations.
If you want to explore the diversity of marine life, Watamu and Malindi should be your ideal destination. Lamu is the place to be if you need a wellness treat. Here, you can take delight in magnificent beaches and relaxed atmosphere as you enjoy yoga retreats with experts. 
Kenya is a perfect place to enjoy wildlife. There are hundreds of national parks and National reserves, including Lake Nakuru National Park, Amboseli National Park, and Tsavo National Park. We cannot also forget to mention that Kenya is the only country with a national park in its capital – the Nairobi National Park.

This country is also the home of one of the most fascinating wildlife sanctuary in the world – The Maasai Mara National Park
This park is not the only habitat to thousands of animal and bird species, but it is also a place characterized by a world wonder – the wildebeest migration.
Visit the Maasai Mara National Park and experience this wonder first-hand and engage in an array of fun activities. The park gets interesting when you take a hot air balloon safari and watch the beauty of Mother Nature from the skies.
If you love mountain climbing, take a hike on Mount Kenya, or enjoy the amazing magic of gravity at the peak of Mount Longonot.
In case you love history, then Gedi Ruins in Watamu and Fort Jesus in Mombasa will give you all the insights you need about the Kenyan coastline. 
Accommodation ranges from budget guesthouses, campsites, to high-end and mid-range restaurants.

• Botswana

If you are looking for a country where you will enjoy resplendent safaris, stunning mountain views, and interact with all the wildlife you see on television, then Botswana is the country to visit.It is bordered by other adventurous countries, including Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.  
Botswana plays home to the Okavango Delta, which is the most popular wilderness delta in the world. When here, you can enjoy nature at its best, as you choose something to do with your family and friends.
Accommodation in Botswana ranges from camping grounds and budget guesthouses to three-star and five-star hotels.

• Morocco

People who have visited morocco describe it as a country with a perfect blend of the African and European cultures.
To enjoy the Moroccan culture at its best, check out amazing places such as the Djemma el Fna. This is the place where you can purchase everything African, including artwork and fashion. 
If all you want is family fun, check out the Berber tour, which is a Camel and desert tour aimed at educating people about the culture of the country’s nomadic population. Here, you can choose to go on a one day trip, but if you have a budget, go for a 16-day excursion and take fun and excitement to a whole new level.
Other amazing countries to visit include South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Rwanda, Madagascar, and Tanzania.

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