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How To Choose The Best 49-Inch TV
TV is an ultimate goal to utilize the boring moments peaceful and pleasant.
In other words, we can say that TV is a part of family members. You can watch favorite dramas, political talk shows, films with great ease on the TV. In this modern age, get connected with this upgrading technology. We need to stay in touch of innovative TV technology with specific features. Before watching the TV for a long time, we should take a better decision about TV which has ultimate skill set. Between November and February are the best deal months for purchasing new TV. 
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Afterward, you’ll be able to choose the best 49-inch TVs for homes. In this guide, we’ll explain the specific features of different TVs.
Here, are a few TVs which make your choice better as well as will probably help you for waste money.

Samsung UE49RU8000:-

Samsung UE49RU8000 49in is best for halfway range TV. The company shows excellent performance with notable discounts. Samsung is the best reliable and trusted company for centuries. 
 The TV is comparatively high capacity flagship and TV library includes Netflix, Google play, YouTube, ITV Hub and 4 K highest dynamic resolutions. Apple TV app, Bluetooth and WiFi connection makes TV more streaming. The picture of the TV conveys keen borders that exhibit excellent view with deep solidity.
• Balanced color
• 49” Display 
• Affordable price 
• Bluetooth connectivity make more charm 
• 4K ultra HD
• High dynamic resolution 
• USB connector 
• Easily stands with clips 
• More advanced TV 
• Reliable TV 

Panasonic TX-50GX800B:-

Panasonic TX-50GX800B delivers smoothly natural performance with average sound intensity. In other words to say, it’s a great budget TV for the money. The catch-up streaming TV apps, Netflix and USB connections in it can also fulfill customer’s demands. Am effectively excellent result gives black level more pretty. Also, it has 4K HDR great set of capabilities in TV.
• Large format support
• Average sound quality
• Best budget TV
• Optical and hand-phone outputs
• Simple and effective performance TV

Samsung QLED:-

Enjoy the favorite and fabulous programs on this realistic TV.
This is one of the maximum impact and effortlessly designed TV with a billion shades of colors. Samsung QLED delivers an effective color combination in dark and bright scenes. Adjust the background settings and décor the screen with your own choice. 
Furthermore, this unique and lean structure gives an attached look in the room. One remote control TV comprises Google assistant, Netflix and Amazon. Control the play back, adjust the channels and can set the volume easily. More, you can search and control with just your own voice by using one remote. The name of quantum HDR claims on luminance according to internal testing standards. 
• No more black screen
• Futuristic look
• Control compatible devices
• Minimal design
• Control playback, channels and décor the background screen which you want
• Best size TV to fit in the room
• Wide viewing angle
• 49” Display
• Quantum 4X HDR

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