Automobiles: All You Need To Know About The Ford Ranger Mass Air

Ford Ranger Mass Air
The Ford Ranger truck has turbocharged engine that feels energetic in just about every driving situation with great gas mileage class. 
It is an extremely capable pick-up truck that continues to perform the duties that you demand of it. What it has difficulty performing is regulating the air flow when it is malfunctioning. If you suspect that your vehicle’s mass air flow sensor is malfunctioning, invest in a new Ford Ranger mass air flow sensor from AutoZone to keep the air flowing optimally and maintain your vehicle's performance.

How To Test Airflow 

The most common symptoms of mass air flow sensor problems is a car that is difficult to start, slow acceleration, reduced engine power especially when accelerating and sometimes a fuel odor from the exhaust fumes.
A frequency test may be performed on some MAF sensors, such as the AC Delco MAF on some General Motors' products.
1.  To check the MAF sensor's voltage signal and frequency, connect a voltmeter across the MAF voltage signal wire and ground wire.
2.  Start the engine and observe the voltmeter reading.
3.  On some MAF sensors, this reading should be 2.5 volts.
4.  Lightly tap the MAF sensor housing with a screwdriver handle and watch the voltmeter pointer.
5.  If the pointer fluctuates or the engine misfires, replace the MAF sensor.
6.  Some MAF sensors have loose internal connections, which cause erratic voltage signals and engine misfiring and surging.
7.  Set the DMM so that it can read the frequency of DC voltage.
8.  With it still connected to the signal wire and ground, the meter should read about 30 Hz with the engine idling.
9.  Now, increase the engine speed, and record the meter reading at various speeds.
10. Graph the frequency readings. The MAF sensor frequency should increase smoothly and gradually in relation to engine speed.
11.  If the MAF sensor frequency reading is erratic, replace it.

Checking for Air Leaks

In the majority of vehicles, a mass airflow sensor is installed at the air filter box. In the fuel injection system, the mass air flow sensor measures the air flow into the engine.
You can update your vehicle with 2011 ford fusion pcm that will calculates how much fuel to inject based on the mass air flow sensor measurements.
If there’s a vacuum leak anywhere between the engine and the mass air flow sensor, it causes "unmetered" air to enter the system resulting in the actual air flow to be higher than what the mass air flow sensor has measured.  The result is the PCM miscalculates the amount of the injected fuel, and the engine runs "lean", which means too much air and too little fuel.
To check if there’s an air leak, you will notice the ‘Check Engine’ light lit up. You will also notice a rough idle, stalling and hissing sound emitting from the engine bay. Often, the engine stalls when stopping. You can also use a scan tool to test.

To safeguard your Ford Ranger, you have to be regular with its maintenance and necessary repairs. To buy your Ford Ranger parts, head over to AutoZone.
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