7 Reason Why Instagram Is A Booming Platform For Your Job Growth In 2020

7 Reason Why Instagram Is A Booming Platform For Your Job Growth In 2020
The 21st Century world, with its massive technology boom, Instagram has given entrepreneurs, business persons, students and job seekers the golden privilege of having the world at their fingertips, quite literally.
When it comes to marketing and promoting yourself, life has truly taken a turn in an easier direction with the availability of hundreds of social media platforms where you can reach millions of people at once. 
Gone are the times of advertising yourself in televisions, newspapers and radio channels only, where you could reach specific audiences for a large sum of money. Regardless of the fact that any digital platform induces cutthroat competition, you simply cannot ignore the extremely versatile mass of audience that one can reach. The best thing about social media - IT’S FREE! 

A relatively new entrant in the category of online marketing applications - Instagram is emerging to be a clear leader.
Let us find out why. 

1. Instagram has more than a billion users 

Recent statistics have shown that more than 1 billion people actively use Instagram every month and about 95 million posts are shared daily that garner over 4 billion likes. One of Instagram’s USPs is its massive outreach - almost every 7th person in the world uses Instagram on a regular basis. Due to its gigantic and vast outreach, Instagram is the newest baby for every top marketer. Be it fashion houses or technology giants or small scale businesses selling mobile covers, everyone invests in a good Instagram promotion. 

2. Various free tools available for a business or freelancer

One thing that you must do as soon as you start an Instagram profile for promotion is ensure that you categorise it as a business or a creator profile. This is important because these categories provide a large number of tools to check the reach and engagement levels of your posts. You can check the number of people who visited your page, clicked on your posts and shared it with others easily. You can also target your audience effectively as these tools let you check the average age group and geographical locations of the people that actually interact with your posts. You can smartly choose the best time of the day to upload newer posts as one of the features let’s you see which time of the day is your account most visited and interacted with. 

3. Instagram stories and stickers 

We know that the story feature available in almost every social media app now, was actually introduced by Instagram first. Instagram stories let you reach a larger audience as due to the sheer number of users, your posts may not always reach every follower you have, unless sponsored. Also you can highlight every new post you update in your story to ensure a wider reach. 

There are a large number of stickers available, that, if used wisely, will help you build a solid foundation with your customers. The huge number of interactive stickers include a poll, Q&A, emoji slider and quiz among many others that let you take in the views of your customers and audience as well and thereby build a better customized product or service. 

4. Instagram Live

One of the best ways to interact with and engage your audience on Instagram is it’s live feature. You can use this to bond with your customers personally and show them the makings of your brand. Behind the scenes actions and teasers of upcoming products can also easily be shared. This feature lets you go live and answer any questions that they may have, very spontaneously, thereby building a concrete level of trust and showing them the roots and genuineness of the brand. The New Magazine found out via a survey that 82% of audiences would rather watch a livestream than see a social media post. 

By the means of a livestream using this feature, you can host a workshop or a tutorial and show your audience and customers the manufacturing of your product thereby proving its authenticity. If you are a freelance content writer, you can hold an online workshop to teach your followers the basics of your job. This also helps your potential clients understand your passion. 

5. Instagram Hashtags 

Instagram hashtags are a major marketing tool for collective advertisement that lets you add a large number of hashtags to your posts and stories thereby reaching almost five times more audience than the number of your followers. You must understand the difference between smartly putting hashtags and spamming with irrelevant tags. Instagram lets a user follow a hashtag and also has a space where every post with the particular hashtag is showcased collectively and the recent ones are also compiled into a hashtag story. This feature makes your posts and stories visible to users who follow the hashtag but not your account. Using hashtags smartly is one of the biggest social media marketing hacks. 

6. Creation of sponsored advertisements 

The business and creator profiles in Instagram also have the tool to generate sponsored advertisements of their products and services. If you are an entrepreneur or freelancer willing to advertise on Instagram, all you need to do is link your Facebook page to your IG profile and you’re set for promotion. This also reduces the time and effort required to post in both of your handles thereby bridging the gap between your platform specific audiences. 

The sponsored advertisements will increase your reach by manifolds by appearing in feeds of users beyond those of your followers. You can also link your website or blog to these promotions thereby making your services more accessible. The feature also lets you target or retarget your customers. This is especially beneficial because it helps you not only understand the loopholes in your marketing strategies but also retrieve lost customers by means of retargeting. 

7. Collaborations with influencers

Instagram is a hub of popular people with enormous follower bases. Collaboration with influencers will help you reach their followers as well as your own. This is one of the cheapest ways of advertisement where you can gain the trust of their fan bases easily. 

The merits of collaborations with major influencers on IG lets you build awareness about your brand for their followers as they trust their idols and are usually willing to take on any advice that they partake. Also this is one of the fastest ways of gaining new customers due to the pre-existing level of trust with the influencers. The audience that you gain through collaborations are usually extremely well targeted and most loyal. 

There are innumerable other ways of strategizing and investing behind Instagram promotion for your products by using the 150-words limit for your bio where you can come up with a crisp introduction for your brand. It is also important to compile your posts, advertisements and stories in a way that you constantly direct the audience to your account. As of 2020, about 85% of all top brands are using Instagram for expanding their customer base and reaching out to more diverse groups of people. You can also use the comments section in your posts to understand the feedback of the customers on your services and tailor them accordingly for a better experience. Another popular Instagram trend following through these days is ‘shoutouts’ to other creators, brands and influencers. If you can get popular influencers and celebrities to give you a shoutout, you can increase your audience exponentially. By promoting others, you enhance your level of trust with your customers and also show your confidence by applauding your contemporaries. 

The 21st Century world gives you innumerable opportunities to realise your dreams and make a living out of your passion thereby leaving you no space to complain or excuse yourself. 
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