How To Make ₦120,000+ Monthly Online As A VTLHub Agent

How To Make ₦120,000+ Monthly Online As A VTLHub Agent
Making money whether online or offline has become very easy, and almost anything you can do now will fetch you a living.
The major problem faced by most people today isn't lack of finances, but information.
You can't benefit from something, except you know it exists and most times, we play a major role in the information we do not get access to.
To begin with, VTLHub is a top Nigerian website where you can get access to a wide range of services including affordable airtime and data reselling services, GoTV, DSTV, Startimes, EEDC, AEDC and other bills payments as well as bulk SMS offers.

Now, the bulk SMS business is a very lucrative one, and if you get serious with it you can be raking in anything above ₦50,000 monthly.
People consume data and airtime more than they consume food... Lol, and how are you benefiting from that? You can make more than a ₦100,000 monthly helping people settle their electricity and tv subscription bills, and you don't even need to leave your house.

How possible are all these?

Thanks to VTLHub, you can now set up your own account, and get access to all their services and offers at huge discounts.
They offer some of the best rates for equivalent services as when compared to other service providers.


MTN 5%
GLO 7%

DATA api
500MB =180
1GB  =330
2GB  =660
5GB  =1650

DATA api
 2GB  =900
3.5GB  =1800
5.5GB  =2250
7GB  =2700
10GB  =3600
12GB  =4500
20GB  =7200
26GB  =9000
42GB  =13500
50GB  =16200
63GB  =18000

DATA api
1GB  =650
2GB  =1280
3GB  =1900
4GB  =2500
5G  =B3100
6G  =B3700
7GB  =4300
8GB  =4900
15GB  =8850
20GB  =11500

750MB =470
1.5GB  = 900
2GB  =1100
3GB  = 1400
4.5GB  = 1900
6GB  =2400
8GB  = 3000
11GB  = 4000

1% discount all disco

TV api
1% discount

TV api
2% discount
And much more.
You can get even get much more customers by taking advantage of their regular giveaways and hot offers.

How Can You Become A VTLHub Agent?

To become a VTLHub, all you need is an internet enabled mobile phone or computer.
Visit the sign-up page, and follow the instructions.

Who Can Be A VtlHub Agent?

Anybody who has access to an internet enabled device can be a VtlHub merchant agentThey can also set up a website for you to help you run the business effectively, if you need one.
If you have a shop, eatery or any other outlet where you can get physical customers, the business is perfect for you!
The customers can also pay on delivery. It's very easy.

Sign up today and stand a chance to benefit from the free gifts including a lot of free conferences, sponsored by VtlHub.com and exclusive to the merchants.


Frequently Asked Questions
This is a compilation of the questions frequently asked by clients, please go through them to have a better knowledge of this platform.
How do I make payment for services on this website?
All transactions are deducted from an online wallet where you would be making payments into. You can pay into this wallet by sending payments to any of our bank account for us to top up your wallet balance. You can as well use the automated and faster options like Paystack and Flutterwave online payments through your ATM card 
What Profit Making Features are Available
We pay you every moment your refers make purchase 
BONUS: Gives 10% of the total money he or her fund on first purchase to REFERRAL
REFERRAL COMMISSIONS: continue Earn 1% commisions whenever your refferals makes 
How can I be a re-seller on your platform? Simply register on this website, add money to your wallet and you are ready. We also create a website for you at N20,000.for N20,000 we create a data reselling website for you to stand alone and make more profits.
How it works
It's simple to get started with VTLHUB, the steps below describes the process:

Sign up and login to VTLHUB Fund your account by clicking on the deposit button and paying directly to any of the VTLHUB coperate bank account.Your VTLHUB wallet will be credited and you can start placing orders for data on any network,airtime, DSTV,GOTV,startime ,and electricity bill.That's all it takes to serve your customers directly from VTLHUB.For more enquiries, you can Call, SMS or Whatsapp us at 09035462714


VTLHUB owned by Vistacool Technologies LTD
First indigenous ICT since 2010
Managed by media company 
The Reporters news cable inc
Are your products and services legit? Yes, Our products are legit as we trade in large values so as to retail to re-sellers alike.

Recharge offline without internet 
As registered user,use same phone no in VTLHUB Account 
Data MTN 08030000000 1GB
Text to 4466
You can make a lot of money as distributor in your area Generate pin and sell 

How to Use Pin.
Text Pin to 4466
*Pin: 629681458 *
Batch: f2163243b
Contacts: 01-2911486

For more information, you can visit their official website or call them on 09035462714.
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