FREE Holiday Blogging Classes For Nigerians (WhatsApp Group)

Free Blogging Tutorials For Nigerians
Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of businesses have been closed and people are struggling on how to survive till the lockdown is finally called off.
While some people are complaining, a group of people known as 'internet marketers' are rejoicing because their businesses aren't affected. They don't have to bother about how to buy food stuff, most shopping malls are still selling, and with a regular power supply, their businesses will still be going on as usual.
One reason I love internet marketing is that you don't need to have millions to venture into it, when I started my blog, I had ₦10,000 (I'm not kidding), I'll explain that later.

That was in 2017, August to be precise. We (with my twin Clifford) were already running a literature blog which wasn't bringing in any revenue, yet we were getting more than 20,000 daily visitors.

We started the blog without going through the basic tutorials and an a stage, we ran out of resources to keep it running and sold it off. Then, Clifford suggested that we go for another blog, this time around, a multi-niche site.

That sounded too good, but then we didn't have any money, or rather, enough money to set up a WordPress site. Imagine now having  up to ₦15,000 to keep your site running?

In our search for a cheaper option, a friend introduced us to the Blogspot platform, which will allow us create a standard blog with just a domain. We quickly used the remaining pocket allowance we had with us to buy the domain, and another story set in.

In less than 4 weeks of running the site, we got our first sponsored post worth $50 from a Pakistan lady that later became our friend. That was a like a life changer, and made me realise something great was cooking.

We started writing on the site and fast-forward to 2020, it has gained relevance in the Nigerian blogosphere, with an Alexa of less than 100,000.

I'm not that a good story teller, so I'll be stopping the story here. I just want told you the short story so you will understand that blogging isn't only for the rich folks, but for anyone interested in earning as a writer.

How To Become A Blogger?

Like I earlier stated, you won't be needing a million Naira to set up your blog, with less than ₦10,000, you'll be able to get your blog running and in a few months (depending on how you work), the money rolling in.

As the coronavirus pandemic is causing panic in the world, we'll be teaching 50 Nigerians how to create and monetise a blog for FREE.

Things we'll cover include:

• How to create a blog
• How to earn from affiliate marketing
• How to get sponsors (including 5 Facebook groups that will get you regular sponsored posts)
• Other ways of earning from your blog
• Question and answer section for all participants

How To Join The Classes

Like I earlier said, the classes would cost only NOTHING and would be taking place in a closed WhatsApp group. The tutorials will start on Friday night (8:00 pm West African time), and would last for two days.
More information will be dropped in the WhatsApp group.

Can You Join If You're Not A Nigerian?

Perfectly yes, there are no limits to who can be a blogger, and who can be attending our classes, but the classes will be running in English Language, so you have to be from an Anglophone country.

To participate, join the WhatsApp group now.
To find out more, message us on WhatApp now, and don't forget to like our Facebook page for more offers.

Come with us, let's make this money together!
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