Top Health Tips To Boost Your Immune System During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Top Health Tips To Boost Your Immune System During The Covid-19 Pandemic
Ever since we heard news about the Coronavirus outbreak, there have been incredible numbers of cases reported across the globe of populations catching the virus.
The numbers are continuing to increase and governments are working day and night to ensure their citizens are protected.

There is still no certainty on when a vaccine could be possible. In the meantime, health officials are providing guidelines on how individuals can take steps to help their defences against common colds and viruses.

Improving your immune system is key to fighting off pathogens that can cause illness. If you don't already, there are a number of ways that you can support your immune system and keep your body as strong as possible. Here are some crucial tips you should take on board.

Reduce stress levels

With the current restrictions of lockdown measures in place for many nations, stress levels may be high and environments feeling rather pressured for residents. However, it’s important that you’re able to control your stress levels during this time.

Stress levels in the body can lead to imbalanced immune systems, making the body easily susceptible to viruses and infections. This can make your body extremely vulnerable and more likely to catch the virus. Avoid high stress levels through breathing techniques and distractions that can calm your head.

Stock up on fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables contain many nutrients and vital antioxidants that can increase the strength of your immune system. These antioxidants are essential in ensuring your body can fight oxidative stress and bad bacteria that causes sickness.

There are several food sources for this including sweet potatoes, beetroot, oranges, mangoes and similar food sources. In particular, vitamin A helps to maintain mucosal linings around our nose and lungs to defend against infection. 

Alternatively, external sources such as magnesium tablets and immune supplements can be taken if lifestyle choices prevent you from having certain foods. 


One of the most common ways that people make themselves susceptible to viruses and colds is when they run themselves, leaving them weak and vulnerable. It makes it harder for the body to fight off viruses, which is why you should look to get plenty of sleep during this time.

Wash your hands regularly

One of the more obvious tips concerns your personal hygiene. When it comes to washing your hands, you should look to do this on a regular basis when making contact with surfaces and items wherever you are and with whatever you do. 

It’s advised that washing your hands for 20 seconds, scrubbing thoroughly with soap and water can help to protect viruses from spreading. There are currently many awareness campaigns regarding this as health organisations look to ensure members of the public are taking up the correct measures to prevent the spread. 

We’re at a stage of the coronavirus where it’s important now more than ever to protect ourselves as well as others. We need to ensure we take on board every possible guidance available in stopping the spread of the virus. The sooner this happens, the more likely that lockdown measures can be relaxed as we look to slowly get back to normal reality.

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