Going Through A Creative Slump? Listen To These Podcasts Now!

Going Through A Creative Slump? Listen To These Podcasts Now!
In life, there are times when a person hits rock bottom on creativity.
It's natural  for creative minds and has happened to many of the greats over time. However, one way to overcome such an inconvenience is listening to podcasts that rile up your creative side and inspire you to dig deeper.

Numerous podcasts can help boost creativity and entertain at the same time. Some creative people prefer a little humor in their podcast selection to escape work and reality, while others just look to get motivated to get back to work.

Top Podcasts To Boost Creativity 

 A podcast that will give you a jump start for some decent ideas and inspiration is always welcomed. One can be easily confused with all the choices available.

This list is highly recommended to kill boredom and proliferate creativity. Here are the cream out of the crowd that is the podcast world today - 

1. 99% Invisible

Going Through A Creative Slump? Listen To These Podcasts Now!
Has it ever occurred to you how inflatable balloon men became regular fixtures in used car lots? Intrigued regarding the origins of the fortune cookies? Intend to understand why Sigmund Freud preferred a couch over an armchair? 

99% Invisible talks about all thoughts that we don't think about but have in the back of our heads. The beautiful yet strange architecture of certain buildings, the show discusses all topics with intricacies.

2. The Allusionist

Going Through A Creative Slump? Listen To These Podcasts Now!
If you are someone that is a sucker for languages and lexicons and intend to explore the domain of words and phrases, allow the host Helen Zaltzman to entertain your language curiosity with her engaging podcast, The Allusionist. 

The podcast is hilarious, educational, and immaculate for the geeks out there who would love to explore more than just the conversational language.

3. Answer Me This!

Going Through A Creative Slump? Listen To These Podcasts Now!
Answer Me This! is a fortnightly podcast with the genre being a comedy, hosted by Helen Zaltzman and Olly Mann, who further are assisted by Martin the Sound Man. 

They've answered the queries of listeners since 2007, and have been accoladed numerous times. They even call upon special guests on their show, always making it worth a while to listen.

4. Waking Up with Sam Harris

Going Through A Creative Slump? Listen To These Podcasts Now!
The podcast is hosted by a neuroscientist , philosopher, and best-selling author Sam Harris who further explores important and controversial ideas and mysteries about the human mind, society, and latest events. 

The show is indeed thought-provoking, intriguing, and entertaining to listen to and gain some knowledge as-well.

5. Savvy Painter

Savvy Painter is a podcast aired weekly for artists who are into business. Antrese Wood discusses with the experts in the expertise of business and art and how it is managed and established. 

The show discusses and answers a lot of questions that individuals have squelched in their minds. It also delves into the mindset of the top artists and businessmen, making it a bliss for business enthusiasts.

6. Makers

Makers is a recent podcast and interview series by Crew that talks about the most unexpected life happenings of people that influenced today’s biggest experimental makers. 

Everyone ranging from top designers to authors to architects talks about their turning points and how it manifested to shape them into who they are now.

7. Say Something Worth Stealing

Going Through A Creative Slump? Listen To These Podcasts Now!
Say Something Worth Stealing is a conversational podcast. It is a platform where famous professionals share the latest happenings in their careers, life, and craft. 

The show is currently hosted by Dave Curry, who is a UX design lead focused on VR and emerging technology at HBO. 

8. The Hashtagged Podcast

Going Through A Creative Slump? Listen To These Podcasts Now!
The Hashtagged Podcast was created for the Instagram community and aims at inspiring people. Every Monday, its host Jordan Powers interacts with a new member belonging to the Instagram community.

Each of these inspirational Instagrammers talks about their journey, thought process, things that inspire them, and everything else they feel is worth mentioning to inspire the audience.

9. Twenty Thousand Hertz

Going Through A Creative Slump? Listen To These Podcasts Now!
Sounds being emitted around a person every day often go ignored. The voice on the phone, video games, or the beats in a song are often ignored or laid little emphasis upon. 

However, there are tons of stories and a history of where that sound came from. Tune-in with host, Dallas Taylor, on a journey to find out about these stories as to why they are important and why they should be recognized.

10. The Go Creative Show 

The Go Creative Show stars an independent creative artist named Ben Consoli. Every week Ben discusses topics in regard to the independent film, video, and visual arts worlds, discussing tools, talent. 

He talked about the challenges encountered and success that followed. 

Numerous topics are debated upon, and interviews with a lot of special guests currently in both mainstream and independent creative production are talked about and shared with the listeners.

11. Wonderful

Wonderful podcast is purely meant for jolly and enthusiastic people who like talking about the passions, big and small, of people around them. 

Each week, hosts Rachel and Griffin McElroy open up about things they love and invite listeners to write in along with their cherished elements of enthusiasm. 

Topics typically vary from movies, television, sports, books, drinks, eats, animals, means of transportation, cooking implements, clothing types, exotic places in the world, fantasized places, fictional characters, and many more.

12. Rise

Rise is a famous podcast hosted by Rachel Hollis. Rachel Hollis podcast discusses, more typically holds a bold conversation with fellow business powerhouses that provide the audience with some real-life tangible takeaways

The podcast features elements of wisdom, laughter, and deeper insight. The podcast is inspiring, and one can enjoy it while running errands. 

Whether an individual is writing a book, developing a brand, or initiating a business, lots of motivation and inspiration can be found through this podcast.

Final Words

Often, while staying at home or working long hours at the office, people can be full of boredom and a total lack of creativity to continue any further.

Staying in front of the screen at work doesn't put one in the mood to switch to video content to boost their creativity dip.
Checking out podcasts that are not only entertaining, but also captivate the listener through elements like comedy, suspense, and inspiration. The above-listed podcasts are all unique in their perspectives and offer a good value of time.
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