Easy Guide On How To Check Car Plate Number Owner In Nigeria

Easy Guide On How To Check Car Plate Number Owner In Nigeria
In this article, we'll sharing different steps on how you can identify a plate number’s owner easily, even without having to visit the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) office.
Sometimes, the need to identify the owner of a car will arise, maybe to report the driver for over-speeding, or any related offences. You know? Reporting someone for driving recklessly is sometimes patriotic, it'd go a long way towards saving thousands of other road users from getting hit down in the future.
You can also want to identify a car owner's plate number if someone robs you with the car and you're able to cram or memorise the plate number.

How to verify vehicle proof of ownership in Nigeria

Before you try identifying the owner of a car's plate number, you should first check if it's original or not, to avoid wasting your time in the police station.

How to check original number plate online

• Visit https://nvis.frsc.gov.ng and Click on 'Verify Number Plate'
Easy Guide On How To Check Car Plate Number Owner In Nigeria

• Input the plate number in the space given for it
Easy Guide On How To Check Car Plate Number Owner In Nigeria
If something similar to the photo above appears, it means the plate number is legitimate and was assigned by the  Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC).
In the other case, you'd see something like this:
How To Check Car Plate Number Owner In Nigeria

Plate number verification Via SMS

If you don't have access to an internet enabled device, you can still verify the plate number via SMS by sending:
VerifyPlateNo The Plate Number” to 33324.
NOTE: The VerifyPlateNo should be written without any spacing, and the letters' capitalisation don't also matter. If done correctly, you'd get a immediately, and SMS charges may apply.

How to check car number plate owner in Nigeria?

Now that you've seen that the plate number is original, we'd proceed to the verification stage proper.
• Visit the nearest police station
The first step you should take is to let the police know your intentions, and why you need to identify the car's owner.
You will also have to convince them that you don't have any bad intentions for trying to uncover the person's identity. It could be that the person was involved in an accident, and the identity will help in locating his/her relatives.

• You'd be given some required documents

In this step, the police will give you a document for the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), showing that you have the rights to uncover the plate number owner's identity.
This step is also very essential, as the chances of the FRSC attending to you without it is very slim.

• Visit the FRSC office close to you

There are FRSC offices in every Nigerian state, with some having  more than 1. You can find the addresses of all the FRSC offices in Nigeria  by visiting here.
Don't forget to take along the documents from the police while going, as they'd ask you for it. They will also ask you some questions to verify the authenticity of your mission, before releasing the owner's information.
How to look up someone’s license plate without contacting the FRSC
It's also possible to look up someone’s license plate without contacting the FRSC, but it'll involve some payment. In this case, you'll have to hire a private investigator to carry it out for you.
You can find people offering these services online, but the quality of their services aren't always guaranteed. So if you're intentions are legit, going through the official steps I stated above would be the best.

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