5 Amazing Ways To Make Money As A Writer In Nigeria

5 Amazing Ways To Make Money As A Writer In Nigeria
Writing is a tool for thinking, expressing emotions and showing one’s creativity.
There are many things in this world we cannot express through talking, so writing is the best way to relay a message to others. Writing is also considered as a hobby for other people for they can release stress from daily life and bring them happiness.

Writing as a source of living is not ideal for many. Most writers earn a small amount of money and it is not realistic to rely on it as the main source of income especially to those who have mouths to feed. However, with the advancement of technology and marketing strategies these days more opportunities for writers are available to earn a much decent salary. With their skills and initiatives, it is not impossible to hit a jackpot in writing. 

5 Ways How Writers Can Earn a Living 

- Be a best-selling writer 

Becoming popular as a writer is not easy because you need to gain the trust of your readers. With the popularity of electronic books, big companies like Amazon and Kindle open opportunities for writers to publish their writing. Since online marketing is growing big these days, writers can gain lots of money from it.

Of course, as a writer, you should not become too dependent on those companies. You need to come up with some strategies on how to attract more clients. Authorpreneurship is one of the great ideas. You need to consider what the readers want to attract their interest to consider spending money on your books. 
Here are the two book genres that are popular these days:
Non-fiction - the perfect fit for a natural blogger, if you are blogging a famous niche, books that have related topics will also become well-demand to the readers for it satisfies their wants
Fiction -   it is quite hard to write fictional content and it requires high level writing skills. But it is undeniable that fictional writers earn a huge amount of money as long as they possess great talent. 

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- Copywriting 

It is a writing which allows readers to take necessary actions. It is almost the same as other types of writing but with constant practice, you can create unique and eye-catching copywriting and later on your main source of living if you are lucky enough. Here are some ways how copywriting earn money:
1. Sales letter - it usually catches the readers’ interest, it opens their curiosity about the promotions and makes them responsive to the offer. 
2. Product descriptions - it discusses the features of the products and what benefits they can get from it. It may also include a description of the brand.
3. Video clips - showing videos of some testimonies or features of the products to build trust and credibility. 

Creating an interesting blog and endorse third party products
Blogging is not easy and it is considered as one of the toughest ways of writing. Many people believe that if you are aiming for a huge amount of money from it you better forget it since you have to go through tough experiences.

However, there is a great opportunity to earn big through blogging and that is finding successful products and services from reliable brands. Endorsing affiliate services like Kerala Lottery Result attract more audiences since the lottery is a hot topic all over the world and a lot of people are into it, because of the new lotteries sites more and more people buying lottery tickets online.
Therefore, it is the best chance to build your audience’s trust while earning a living. Many affiliate companies pay up to 50% or higher commissions. It is important to partner with products or services with a good reputation since they will also carry your reputation at the same time. 

- Writing articles for blogs, journals, and magazines 

Success won’t happen overnight, but being a freelance writer for a blog, magazine and journal will offer you great opportunities to hit big.  Though the popularity of both online and offline major publications is high, they still need to write content continuously to meet the demand of their audience. That means that they require more writers all the time and are willing to pay a huge amount of money which is a good chance to earn a living from it. This is how each category works:
Blogs - although writing for popular blogs is free, there is still an exemption. Guest post is a way to earn from it for most companies to hire writers to write for them. 
● Magazines - traditional publishing is now having trouble surviving the latest trend but magazines remain on the picture and still pay a good price to their writers. Of course, it is not easy to become part of it, you need to start from scratch and climb the ladder until you reach the peak-- the success. 
● Journals - it demands a more conversational and engaging writing style of good quality writing articles. Talented writers have high chances of getting hired with their exceptional writing skills. 

- Set collateral for content 

With the availability of valuable content, it catches customer’s interest and gains their trust. Content marketing has gone mainstream with the high demand in the market and more businesses take part in content games.  Some planned it carefully, but others are just joining the bandwagon and take the risk of getting something in return. 

However, joining the market is quite tough without connections. First, you need to compete with thousands of freelancers in different marketplaces. One best strategy to introduce your skills is through blogging and guest blogging to get noticed. Later on, you can build trust with your clients and sign successful contracts with them and become an in demand writer in the future. 

Writing is not easy, you need to be mentally and physically prepared for it. You need to excel and possess exceptional talent in writing to compete and survive to earn. It could be unrealistic to others as a source of living, but with hard work and dedication, you can earn a lot from it. 

What is your opinion about writing as a job? Do you also agree that it is not a stable source of income? We would like to hear your opinion, feel free to reach us. 
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